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Irene Ntale very bitter with some two men

June 22, 2019, 11:15 AM @ugandaonline

I once met a tall fat man and a short man with a rugged looking face

Irene Ntale's captions speak volumes, some think she is hitting at her former bosses

Irene Ntale has for the last two days left her fans wondering who these two men are following her tweet that will surely ruffle a few feathers.

"I once met a tall fat man and a short man with a rugged looking face, #staytuned."

That was Irene Ntale's tweet dated Jun 20 that left a lot to be desired. Her fans are now patiently waiting for a continuation of her statement like she noted, otherwise, it could end up an open-ended statement like it already is.

The singer, songwriter and guitarist formerly signed to the Swangz Avenue record label fell out with her bosses, Julius Kyazze and Benon Mugumbya who are the label's proprietors citing various reasons and at the time, Vinka was her manager.


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Irene Ntale is now being managed by her sister, Sandra Ntale,  and looking at her music going forward, she has relatively few songs and less hits compared to the time when she was signed to the Swangz Avenue label while her ex-manager,  Vinka, who replaced her at the record label has since taken to releasing a song every month until the year ends.

Amazingly, Vinka has not only had several of her songs enjoying massive rotations on various platforms, but she recently signed a recording contract with Sony Entertainment.

In Irene Ntale's tweet, many of the responses seemed to suggest that the two men were comedians Madrat and Chiko while some few linked the two to her former bosses, but she promised to come back later with more details through her stay tuned hashtag.

"Problem is we Ugandans think we know everything about everything. There's a lot to learn," Irene sent another tweet distancing herself from whatever her fans were trying to insinuate;

The fans are still yearning for the old Irene Ntale as it was revealed during her interaction with them on Twitter last month in her question and answer session.

Social Media Accounts

Irene Ntale still has some issues especially with her social media accounts. Her verified Instagram for example, has no posts after all, were deleted, her verified Facebook account with over 300k fans was last updated a year back and the new one where she has access only has 80k followers.

YouTube Account

Irene Ntale's latest songs that include; 'Enamba,' 'Pen and Paper' that she did with Ray Signature, 'Guluma' that she did with Jules Sentore and 'Post Me' with Mr. Eazi can be found on her YouTube channel that has 17,183 subscribers.

Unlike her golden hits like Go Down, Stylo, Omukwano Gwekilo, Sembera, Otubatisa, Bikoola, Kabugo, Gyobera, Nkubukinze, Love Letter ft. Bebe Cool among others, are some of her videos that can be found in the Swangz Avenue YouTube playlist, maybe she would have loved to have these playing under her YouTube account, but that is not possible because of the terms and conditions that were set right from the start.

For now, though, we can just wait for Irene Ntale to explain more and elucidate further on her tall fat and short man caption.

Irene Ntale and her former bosses Benon and Julius

Irene Ntale and her former bosses Benon Mugumba and Julius Kyazze back in their hey days. While one is fat, the one other is not short as the Gyobera star puts it

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