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King Bae buys for Zari a house; it is her fifth in South Africa

May 22, 2019, 1:08 PM @ugandaonline

Zari and King Bae outside their new crib

Zari and King Bae outside their new crib

Zari has shown off her latest house bought by King Bae a few days back. This will be their home after the private wedding that is in the pipeline.

Diamond Platnumz’s ex-lover shared a clip of the house which is being finalized before they can move in.

In one of the clips, the mom of five was pretty excited about the kitchen area, she could not wait to serve King Bae with her best meal right on the kitchen counter, this really got her excited as she danced turning around in her heels as her floral long skirt tried to fly up like on a windy day.

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She is later seen seated right outside the crib in a striped white and pink short dress, this time, not with her much loved hair extensions clearly letting King Bae appreciate her beauty with her real hair.

Talking of cribs, Zari has four, one from Diamond Platnumz which was her birthday present in 2016, three from her late hubby, Don Ivo and with King Bae who is more than determined to make Zari’s previous lovers pawns in the game of money, this is Zari’s fifth pad.Diamond Platnumz gave Zari a crib as a birthday present, but King Bae is considering a Bentley as an engagement gift. This Bentley goes for at least a billion shillings.

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That is Zari for you. Her late hubby, the father of her three sons had a Lamborghini as part of his fleet so Zari is not new to supercars as she has been there it’s no wonder that in one of her messages while appreciating King Bae, she tells him of how she has seen it all.

"I have been there before and still doesn’t make any sense to me. Yeah, I’m weak, I need to accept, you wanna know why I give my all, I build my men, I’m not the type that takes, I’m the type that looks at what we have and consider how we can double and triple the blessings."

The above message was also directed to those who wanted her to leave Diamond Platnumz’s crib, but also give assurance to King Bae that with Zari, it only gets better.

Zari sun bathing outside their new crib

Zari sunbathing outside their new crib

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Zari’s King Bae, Mr. M… is a polite man just like her late hubby, Don Ivo. He is a politician and in real estate business. The other thing about Mr. M also is that he loves it when Zari is posing on his posh rides that include a Rolls Royce, Ferrari and Maserati among others, “They are mine too now that I’m his wife to be,” Zari adds while being interviewed in TZ recently. This is happening at the time when Hamisa Mobetto, another of Diamond Platnumz’s ex-lovers and baby mamas had to leave the house which the singer had rented for her at the time before their relationship became toxic.

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Her close pals have told her to steer clear from drama, remain focused and not to forget that she is a single mom of two who should now concentrate on fending for her two children, they also add that competing with Zari should be the last thing she is thinking of now that the two are from different countries.

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Zari forced to unveil King Bae's face before the private wedding

Trust Zari, she is in charge of her game. She shared a black and white pic while chatting with the real King Bae thanking him of taking care of the children while she was away in Tanzania.

"We appreciate you so much, taking care of the kids while I'm away. I love you, I found myself a jewel, can't wait to see you."

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