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Tanasha Donna reveals her pregnancy craving

June 21, 2019, 10:00 AM @ugandaonline

Tanasha Donna showing some love to a puppy

Please let's just get one pleaseee!, Tanasha Donna pleaded with Diamond Platnumz

The Radio singer on Monday revealed what her craving right now was and it was none other than a puppy.

And in her request, she had to use more than one please to drive the point home.

"Please, let's just get one, please, you know how much I love them."

The Inama star responded almost instantly revealing his preferred color which is white. He also noted that he did not like the color for the puppy Tanasha was posing with in the pic.


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"Anything for you my baby love, but those white one's though not these that won't understand us."

No doubt, it is now official that Tanasha is preggie and she has taken to maternity fashion full throttle. The Kenyan radio personality was clad in a red dress that disguises her bump.

It is not clear if her hubby who is currently in London will shop one from that side though it costs quite an amount flying a pet over the oceans, but trust the young, humbled, rich, powerful and ::::: he will do anything for the love of his life, Tanasha Donna Oketch.
In the first 3-8 weeks, pregnancy cravings and morning sickness, take shape with pregnant women craving for certain foods, though some experience cravings for non food items like eating soil or dirt.

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Tanasha Donna

Quick View of Tanasha Donna pregnancy and cravings

Short of that, Ice cream, fruits, spicy foods, red meat, fizzy drinks and other diary products are some of the cravings that pregnant women crave for.

Tanasha Donna for now wants a puppy, which she has always loved anyway, but the mere fact that she is demanding for it right now as opposed to the past can only be linked to her craving demands.

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