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I will spend the rest of my life with King Bae-Zari Hassan

April 20, 2019, 9:13  AM @ugandaonline

Zari pours her heart out to King Bae

Zari pours her heart out to King Bae - I love the way you make me and my children feel

Zari who is in advanced stages of her private wedding has poured her heart out to King Bae in a post that now has close to 6000 comments and 1000 likes.


+ I give my all, I build my men.
+ Even with 5 children you still find me the best,
+ King Bae is heaven sent,
+ I love you Mr. M not because of the material things you shower me with, but your heart and how you make me and my children feel.

The message starts off with;

"I've been there before and it still doesn't make any sense to me."



Been where? She has dated wealthy people like the fathers of her children, Don Ivo real name Ivan Semwanga (RIP) and Diamond Platnumz, so hooking up with Mr. M aka King Bae does not make any sense to her because she has seen money before, besides she's still got it courtesy of her Brooklyn City College in South Africa where she is a majority shareholder.

"Yeah, I am weak, I need to accept, wanna know why? I give my all, I build my MEN I'm not the type that looks at what we have and consider how we can double or triple the blessings."

Weak in what? That once Zari is in love, she gives out her all, not really, but the falling in love pretty fast with the next one. 

Diamond Platnumz was still trying to work things up if chance could allow, but Zari said even the strong women out there need to be held, so when he played games with her heart, she had no choice, but to show him the exit, she is now onto the next one and ready to triple the Ferrari's, Rolls Royce and the Maseratti's among others.

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Time to shower King Bae with love.

"With you, I've learnt so much, I appreciate life itself because of your humbleness."

Zari has always loved them humble. The late Ivan Semwanga was so humble and always down to earth, and when happy after taking his favorite Champagne drink, he could chop some money in bars, give out to the needy in South Africa and also in Uganda, which lifestyle has been often imitated, but never equalled.

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Zari continues with her message;

"I always imagined my forever but didn't have an idea what my forever looked like. 5 children, other guys (Rasta Rob, Don Ivo, Farouk, LK4, Diamond Platnumz etc), but you still found me the sex!est woman alive."


"Wooo ain't I so blessed! I love you so much Mr. M It's not the material things you shower me with (gifted him with a red Ferrari recently), I've seen those and even bigger and better."

Zari literally has it all. With four owned houses in South Africa (One from Diamond Platnumz) and still counting because King Bae is her 'Forever love' now that they are looking forward to say "I do" as they exchange vows, She also has one in Munyonyo, Uganda and when it comes to posh rides, those are like flower vessels in her homes both in Uganda and South Africa.

Zari on her red beast
Zari right on her red Ferrari beast

She concludes;

"But, it's you, your heart, your whole being and how you make me and my kids feel. It takes a lot of courage from you Mr. M, 5kids, 38, wow..... you're heaven sent babe, That said, I end here! I love you M

The fans are now patiently waiting to see his face.

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