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Fans shocked over Zari and King Bae's low-key wedding

July 19, 2019, 7:30 AM @ugandaonline

Mrs. M - Zari on her wedding day

The diamond ring was the highlight of Zari and King Bae's wedding, she is now Mrs. M...

Zari Hassan and King Bae held their private wedding like she promised and the only thing that has been seen since then is Zari the bride who was clad in a top floral gown with a royal like wedding hat and of course, the ring.

It is a beautiful Diamond ring. 

Many had hoped that this was the day King Bae would be unveiled, but looking at how things are unfolding, the waiting might be longer than we had expected, Zari is not about to let you see her husband yet. 

The maid of honor and the best man, are still unknown for now. Zari and King Bae went to the Department of Home Affairs where they were awarded a marriage certificate after exchanging vows.


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It is said that the celebration will follow at a later stage, what took place on the Nelson Mandela day was the ceremony of exchanging vows and King Bae putting that beautiful ring on Zari.

She is now Mrs. M. It was a private wedding indeed.

Fans had expected that the private party would be something that could break the internet, but trust Zari, that party has to be celebrated in one way or the other, chances are, the wedding reception will still take place because Zari is just not the type who could just let this once in a lifetime moment pass by just like that.

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For her wedding with Diamond Platnumz, she had promised that it could be the best wedding East Africa had ever seen, but Diamond was still playing games so when a section of fans appears to be disappointed, you can understand where they are coming from.

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Congratulatory messages, mostly from family members started trickling in;

"Hot girl summer Indeed, Congs," Her brother Abdul Karim aka Ting Dis noted.

"Thanks, new 'MUKO' popping that soon," Zari responded.

"Congratulations doll, we can't wait to meet him in person," Zuleha, Zari's sister noted.

Thanks Doll, Zari returned the love.

Zuleha is not only confirming that she did not attend the private wedding, but that, she has also not seen King Bae and looking forward to that moment.

Zari showing off her wedding gown

Zari showing off her wedding gown, diamond ring, royal hat and the bridal clutch

Her Best Female Friend, Akothee, is the happiest person.

"Kongole my chwity, please teach me how to be humble and quiet, this my noise is not helping me, I scare potential husbands, see my life, ooohh, I am proud of you my Lady Congratulations, wait my visa is out soon, the baby should wait too....?"

"Thanks darling, can't wait for you to get here. So much to talk about," Zari replied.

What we know for now is that Zari is officially married and the ceremony took place at the Department of Home Affairs. The mom of five introduced King Bae to her fans on Valentine's Day this year, she was trying to contain her ex-lover, Diamond Platnumz, who had also set the same day for his wedding to Tanasha Donna, she is now seven months pregnant and still patiently waiting for that day.

I run my own race - Tanasha Donna

I run my own race - Tanasha Donna

"I run my own race. I have no desire to play the game of being better than anyone. I just aim to improve, to be better than I was before, confidence has no competition," Tanasha Donna noted on her wall the day Zari was getting married.

On the other hand, Diamond Platnumz, used the day to add a tattoo on his body which is more or less inked all over.

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