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Mathias Walukagga for DNA testing-Minister Nakiwala

19 APR 2018 10:34 PM



Mathias Walukagga battling with a child neglect scandal


A one Aisha Namugerwa who used to be a maid at Sir Mathias Mulumba Walukagga’s home has come out accusing the Kadongo Kamu singer of neglecting his child.

Aisha was a maid at the singer’s home and one thing led to the other, she became pregnant as she explained to Bukedde TV.
"He used me and when he discovered that I was pregnant, he told me that his wife will not be impressed with the development, so he asked me to leave.

At the time when I was three months pregnant,  he wanted me to carry out an abortion, but my mom stopped me from doing so, the singer ignored me to the time when I gave birth. He later asked for the pics of the child and on seeing them, he said that was not his child based on some features.My main issue is that I need him to take care of his child, but he blacklisted my number," Aisha concluded.

Sir Mathias Walukagga speaks out

"It’s not me responsible, it’s another man called Twaha who was staying at my home at the time. The Minister called me regarding the matter that there’s a complaint already, though, the complainants say that I got involved with an underage girl and yet,  this was a mother of two who had separated from her lover, but the Minister advised me not to worry that all will be sorted."

Minister Nakiwala Kiyingi has confirmed that the Kadongo Kamu singer will be subjected to a DNA test to ascertain if at all he is the biological father or not and the child has been taken to a place of safety. The Minister adds that if it turns out that he is the biological father, he will face the law and if it turns out otherwise, he is free to take on whoever is accusing him of the deed.


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