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Hellen Lukoma and Eleanor Nabwiso share tips on pregnancy

May 18, 2019, 3:20 PM @ugandaonline

Eleanor Nabwiso and Hellen Lukoma

Preggy Talks - When pregnant Eleanor bumped into pregnant Hellen

Hellen Lukoma and Eleanor Nansimbo Nabwiso are best of friends. They were both acting in the Hostel series that used to air on NTV, they could easily pass off as sisters.

Patra (Hellen) was an up market glamour gal while Hope (Eleanor) was a radical born again Christian with a lot of family and social issues.

The two best female friends are both pregnant with Hellen heavily pregnant with her very first child, a boy following the gender reveal party which Eleanor attended.



They again met yesterday talking mostly about the movements their respective babies are making plus sharing a lot of experiences, especially from Eleanor, who is not only experienced, but fit to burst.

Eleanor was in a red fitting dress that showed off her bump while Hellen was in a yellow dress that showed off a bit of her growing bump and collarbones.

Eleanor met her hubby Matthew Nabwiso from the Hostel series and as they say, the rest is history. The two are expecting their third child.

In the Hostel series, Matthew was acting as Gilo the serial player. 

Commenting on the pics was none other than Anne Kansiime;

"Banange you both look like delicious food."

"These my sisters have been busy," Tibba Murungi who also acted in the Hostel series commented.

Eleanor and Hellen at the gender reveal party

White and Gold were the theme colours. Eleanor was among the guests at Hellen's recently held Gender Reveal Party

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