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Kampala woman finds another woman in her bed on Valentine's Day

17 FEB 2018 4:35 PM


Sylvia Nsonyiwa being stopped by cops from attacking the other woman she found in her bed

Wife finds hubby with another woman on Valentine's Day in their marital bed

Syliva Yasonyiwa found her hubby, Bright, with another woman in their marital bed. The woman who states that it has been a while when her hubby has been behaving suspiciously, so on Valentine's Day, she told him of how she will be away on official duty.



In the morning, she called the maid to find out if her hubby was around to which the maid replied yes, but that he had come back with a yet to be identified woman. 

Sylvia came with police and ordered them to open the door, but on opening, the man took off leaving his other woman behind.
Police had to intervene to stop Sylvia who was unleashing high heel ends on this woman's head.

Her biggest concern was why her hubby had to bring this woman to her bed and yet there are many lodges and hotels around..

"Gulabe, gufanana nga ogusolo..." Translated as; "Look at her, she looks like a beast," She ranted.


She adds that they've been together for ten years and they have two children, but how could he bring a woman in her bed..

Reactions from the public:

"I see so many here blaming the husband, but I have one simple question.... 
Which office works at night, where did the wife sleep moreover, in a valentine attire (red n black)? 
Though, it was wrong for the man to bring the side chick to his home that he shares with his wife and kids."

"So embarrassing and disgusting, how can you bring such a woman in your bed very ugly like a tortoise, men if you are to eat a frog eat the best one, but do you disrespect your beautiful woman with the ugly one.."

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