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I will not give up on you, Kenzo tells Rema in Love Don’t Care

Eddy Kenzo plants a hot one on his baby maama, Rema Namakula

Eddy Kenzo plants a hot one on his baby maama, Rema Namakula. 

17 Oct 2018 7:37 PM @ugandaonline

Kenzo has responded to Rema’s ‘Siri Muyembe’ song with his latest dubbed; 'Love Don’t Care.'

It is a well-crafted script rotating around mangoes as lovers Rema Namakula and Eddy Kenzo speak to each other in these songs that have been released within a space of hours leaving their fans very busy with all sorts of opinions.

The 'Juice Wa Mango' singer, Rema Namakula, was the first one to release her ‘Sili Muyembe’ song which means that; "I'm not a Mango that has to be eaten when ripe."

Rema's song had a powerful message for those who take forever before saying I do or putting a ring on it. In the song, Kenzo was not spared; it was as though his baby mama was speaking to him as the lyrics resonated with their current situation.

The Sili Muyembe song has been well received by the fans and like she requested, many who feel that the song applies to them are using the it as caller tune and many requesting for it on TV and various FM stations.
The Sili Muyembe song was an instant hit and Rema is minting millions already from it even before they think of shooting its video.


Using the same banner design and concept of the Siri Muyembe, the BET award winner, Eddy Kenzo, has used the same colour, including a kid who is seen eating a mango as he released his ‘Love Don’t Care’ song that hits back at Rema's.

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In the Love Don’t Care song, Kenzo tells Rema of how he will not give up on her regardless of what people say, love don’t care (Tofaayo). 

“You should not be moved by mere words that people are saying, I will make it up by constructing for you a Bungalow on a hill," is part of the Love Don’t Care lyrics.The part that has left many of their fans excited though is when Rema says that I’m not a mango that you have to wait until it ripens before you enjoy it and Kenzo retaliating with a kid eating a mango.

For the record, Kenzo is aged 29 while Rema is 27, they have two children that include Kenzo's daughter, Mya, from an earlier relationship. Rema insists that taking forever before putting a ring on it might cause more harm than good and after all, you’ve had it already (because she is not a mango anyway) so why not put a ring on it!

Love Don't Care Audio by Eddy Kenzo

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