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Miss Curvy in tears after failing to access her DMC prize car

May 15, 2019, 1:42 PM @ugandaonline

Inset is Anne Mungoma and Belinda Nansasi the winner of Miss Curvy 2019

Inset is Anne Mungoma and Belinda Nansasi the winner of Miss Curvy 2019

Belinda Nansasi the reigning Miss Curvy is not a happy woman a few days after being crowned the winner of the contest whose theme was; Epitome of African Beauty.

The winning entitled her to a grand prize car which was a Jeep Cherokee in UAL series, a DMC, and as Miss Curvy, she will later represent Uganda at the Miss Curvy Africa competitions.

The unfortunate bit is that she has not accessed the DMC ride because of an outstanding amount.



How much money is required and why!

The car won't be handed over unless Shs 16Million has been paid. It turns out that on the eve of the event, the car owner changed the terms and also threatened not to deliver the car at the venue, leaving the pageant organizer, Anne Mungoma, in a tight situation.

"We needed 60% of the payment before they could drive the car, but we have not received a penny," the car owner explained.

"It is worse that they even put their Miss Curvy stickers on the car something that has tampered with the original paintwork," He adds.

The car owner has been patient from the time the pageant took place up to yesterday (May 14), he has been waiting for Anne Mungoma to come and pay the 16Million, but she is nowhere to be seen, he now wants her to go and remove the Miss Curvy stickers so that the car can be put back on the market for the next buyer.

Anne Mungoma gives her side of the story

We agreed that he gives us a car in exchange of us advertising his company, but he later changed his mind claiming that the company we advertised was not his, and yet, he was the one that gave us the company details to run in the adverts. 

 "We approached the owner of the car and he said that he had given us sponsorship in the form of a car, free of charge, provided we advertised his company details which we did for two months."

"On the eve of the pageant, he changed the terms and said, he now wants money for his car because the details that were running in the advert were not for his company."

"I don't have money now and besides, you gave us the car. It should not be forgotten that the company details that we advertised were given to us by you," Mungoma told the car owner.

Miss Curvy DMC

At this point, Mungoma was in a tight position because she had promised the contestants that there was a car to be won at the end of the pageant and she had to deliver to prevent this from being the scandal of the year.

Mungoma and the Jeep Cherokee owner had to come up with workable plans to resolve the matter.

He proposed that they pay him at least 2million to hire the car for the event something that Mungoma rejected, it was then that they had to settle for an agreement stating that the 16Million would be cleared at a later date.

These were the Miss Curvy finalists on the day of the pageant

These were the Miss Curvy finalists on the day of the pageant, the first one ever in East Africa

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