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Zari lands in TZ as Tanasha Donna prepares to give birth, Platnumz worried

September 13, 2019, 2:54 AM @ugandaonline

Zari in Tanzania as Diamond Platnumz prepares for the arrival of his third son

Zari in Tanzania for some unfinished business as Diamond Platnumz prepares for the arrival of his third son

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It has been a while since Zari last came to Tanzania, she was 
last there in May. On Thursday, the very day pregnant Tanasha told her fans that the clock was ticking for her baby to arrive is when Zari touched down in Tz.

This has left her ex-lover, Diamond Platnumz wondering what she is up to, he is surely not settled.

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Zari is also not making matters any easier when she does not reveal the purpose of her visit, but at the same time, she tells her fans to #WaitForIt as it is going to be a #GameChanger.

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"The places I'm trying to go to require a whole different level of thinking," Zari noted.

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For now, the fans have to wait though the rate at which her circumstances change, you could easily wait forever like the Kenyans are still waiting for the Women Empowerment conference that was supposed to take place on Aug 23 only to be affected by her travel to the US where she went for the Miss Uganda North America beauty pageant where she was one of the judges.


It is there that she disturbed the streets of Chicago and just last weekend, she was part of the VIPs at an exclusive BMW showcase of various BMW models that included a BMWi8.

Zari is now in Tanzania on a work trip as revealed by King Bae.

"Have a blessed work trip wifey..." King Bae noted.

Disturbed Diamond after learning that Zari is in town

Diamond Platnumz wondering what Zari is up to while Tanasha battles with those giving her a child that is not hers

Tanasha is not worried about Zari because Mama 5 clearly said that she had no problem with her, though, as one who has dated Diamond and the two have children together, the Brooklyn City College CEO just advised the Kenyan radio personality to have at least enough money on her just in case the Bongo star moves on to the next one.

She took time off from her labor pains to notify whoever cared to know that the baby pic that was doing the rounds was not her child.

"Hey you all, I hope all is well. Thought I should set the record straight that this is not my child."

Tanasha has not yet given birth. Some fans have told her that if possible, she should give birth on her hubby's birthday, (2 Oct) but looking at the 'Tik Tok' caption, it is highly unlikely that she will get that far before giving birth to the young lion.

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