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Vera Sidika talks about her new color and why she took that direction

July 14, 2019, 1:37 PM @ugandaonline

Vera Sidika on NTV Kenya's The Trend show

Vera Sidika on NTV Kenya's The Trend show

Kenyan socialite cum artist and business woman, Vera Sidika was on two TV stations on Friday night talking about her music, business, social media trolls, skin bleaching, leaked pics and most importantly her hip size and waist that left the camera man zooming in and out.

The Mimi singer started off with NTV Kenya, it was the Vera with the dark complexion and not the light one.


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Scroll down for Vera Sidika's 20 minute video on NTV Kenya !!

  • Beauty Parlor
    In her accent only comparable to Tanasha Donna's, the Kenyan socialite started off with her beauty parlor, which has been on for a year now, she said that most of her clients are her followers on Instagram. "Start with whatever little you have, it is when you make it that people will come in to help," Vera advised those that wanted to start up businesses.

  • Frequent Traveler
    Vera is constantly on the move and from the very many places she has visited Las Vegas and LA stand out. "Vegas is fun, it nobody judges you."On one of her trips, she ended up attending Drake's Grammy's After Party through her network and circles of friends.

  • Social Media Trolls
    I used to cry when I had just joined the industry, but now I have developed a thick skin. The kind of hate I receive online does not manifest itself offline. However, if your comment is too aggressive, I delete it and once you post the same comment three times, I block you.

  • What's your rate card?
    I have grown in the industry and my rate card has grown though I don't want to discuss the details in public. I have other businesses, though, Veetox, is the other. Veetox helps me to burn belly fat and those who have used it are happy with it. You can find it in Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda, Nigeria and soon, it will be in Ghana.  back to top

  • Male friends VS. Female friends.
    Like poles repel and unlike poles attract each other, that is why I am more friends with males than females. Females will hate you if you are better than them, otherwise, I have like three close female friends.  back to top

  • Skin Bleaching Reversal
    "Never be defined by your past. Black don't crack."My body is my business, it has been five years of an amazing journey. I wanted something different, I got to a point where I wanted to be me. "I don't get it when people say I was broke, mine was a once off and I didn't have to go for treatment every now and then. And to those who still don't believe that I am now dark should research about a woman who was white and turned black, it is very possible. However, whether I'm black, purple or green, the way I speak is the same, and the way I think is the same, I am smart, I am intelligent, I am an artist, I do business and I am a good person. What is interesting, these are the same people who said that I was fake, plastic and that Neymar was looking for me. "It was my personal decision, I wanted a change."  back to top

  • Collaboration songs
    I've still got a number of friends who are in the industry and I am going to work on something big, though, I don't wanna rush it though. I will even do voice lesson sand voice coaching and to the point when I am playing instruments.  back to top

  • Vera Sidika Music
    My mom told me to sing, which is strange considering that other parents will tell their children to become doctors or lawyers, but my mom was like; ''You can do better in music, you should try it out. The problem I have is when fans compare me with Beyonce claiming that she sings better than me, they should be comparing my latest song with the previous one.  back to top

  • Message in the Mimi song
    In the Mimi song, I am basically trying to tell people that it's not about what you are outside, it is about who you are inside. You could be the most beautiful person on earth, but when your personality is terrible, so whether one is light skinned or not, people should not judge them, but should instead appreciate them the way they are. I still made money when I was dark skinned, recalling the time when she was a video vixen for the 'You Guy' video, I was dark and I was still famous. So I am just telling people to appreciate others for who they are and not focus on what they look like.  back to top

  • Hip Size
    It turns out that Vera Sidika's waist is medium, but the hip size falls in the extra large category."My waist is 28 or 29 and my hip is about 53 as of two weeks back when I last checked.  back to top

  • Leaked Pics
    I have learnt my lessons well at least from last relationship so now I am very careful not to take any pics or record any videos when it comes to private matters in the bedroom. I am very careful because at the end of the day, people are looking for them and will do everything possible to get them.  back to top

  • Shout outs to fans
    "I love you so much and make sure you watch my video on YouTube. My IG is Queenveebosset, the rest are fake, but I still love you and all those negative comments, I love them because I know it is not hate, you're just trying to have fun, I really appreciate all of you and if it was not for you, I will not be here today."  back to top

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