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Sheila Gashumba and MC Kats clash over the La Paroni's pic

April 13, 2019, 2:07 AM @ugandaonline

MC Kats had to use Fik Fameica to help him fight his wars with Sheila Gashumba

MC Kats had to use Fik Fameica to help him fight his wars with Sheila Gashumba

Sheila Gashumba has fallen out with MC Kats after he intervened in the row between her and the folks at La Paroni's bar and restaurant.

It all started when Sheila demanded that they pull down her pic that they used without her consent, Sheila was so bitter that MC Kats had to intervene now that all those involved were his close buddies.

Kats went on to share the same pic on his wall captioned as; "My good friend, Sheila Gashumba forgive, they are our colleagues."

During his show on NBS After5, this was the topic.

This rubbed Sheila the wrong way because Kats was taking sides before hearing from her, she went on to express her disappointment to him recalling the time he asked her for Shs200k.



This just opened another can of worms.

MC Kats who is still recovering from a bitter split with his baby mama, Fille Mutoni, went on to post the said money including interest of 50k with this caption; 

"Madam, I  have put 50k interest. I did not know that when you buy someone a drink, it is such a big deal, people out there have bought us drinks that we even use some of it to shower."

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It should be recalled that Sheila Gashumba was an item with Fik Fameica before God's Plan came into the picture, he is still protesting that move if his latest song dubbed 'Tobiloberamu' is anything to go by. MC Kats had to look him up to throw some light on the song.

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Sheila Gashumba responds to Kats over his intention to pay back the 200k with interest."A beggar can’t give a giver! I didn’t say I want the money back!! I said you should have at least called me to ask for my side of the story than talking about one side of the story!! You know I don’t need that money, but you need it."

This forced Kats to change strategy after realizing that Sheila was belittling her on national television when she talked about the 200k handout, he pulled out his land title for an 11 decimal piece of land he acquired recently, he also dared her to show any asset that is in her name.

Sheila Gashumba's response after the 200k handout
Sheila Gashumba's response after the 200k handout

He went on to say that the only thing Sheila has that is registered in her name is her phone otherwise the rest of the assets she claims to be her's is either in God's Plan's name of her father.

MC Kats now says he will be unveiling details of how he helped Sheila Gashumba with her TV career.

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