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Pregnant Bad Black talks about the men in her life

January 12, 2019, 2:05 PM @ugandaonline

Bad Black at Sheraton Hotel in Kampala

Bad Black is pregnant with baby number 4

The social radar was beginning to get boring as the key players were either in custody or battling with fraud related cases, Bryan White dominated that space for exactly one year, but now, he seems to be taking the chilling mode.

Shanita Namuyimbwa aka Bad Black, 29, who once dominated this space has bounced back into the limelight to do what she does best, chopping money.

The mom of three who is expecting her fourth child started off by listing the men she had a fling with that included a captain and her current lover, a Mzungu she does not want to name and he is the baby daddy to be.

The ex-con now resides at the Sheraton Hotel in Kampala or at a posh residence in Kololo. Bad Black adds that she is equally loaded though this time, she will be spending more responsibly.

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Bad Black had 11billion that she blew up on the streets of Kampala and that was arguably the highest amount a socialite had splashed until when SK Mbuga came up with his 23Billion and just recently, Don Nasser Izo, they are both battling with charges. Bad Black served her sentence.

Bad Black has so far held a series of interviews talking about her stand on politics, which as expected was not a rosy path for her as one camp put her in a certain place following the remarks she made, she is done and would rather talk about her best subject and topic which is men.

The UNCUT TV crew caught up with the Mud Guard singer in Kololo and she had quite some info on the men that have made her what she is today and will forever be grateful for their contribution, here's the list; 

Bryan White - "He is like a granny to me now that I lost both my grandparents. He is one of a kind after he got me from Kisaasi where I was and he told me that I can bounce back to what I was before. He is so kind and has helped many people. He helped me come back to Uganda and I will do anything for him."

Sipapa - When I came back in May, he gave me some money.

Meddy Sentongo (M5) - He is such a brilliant chap and the money that you used to see me spend around back then was his idea, he is a good person though he is proud. To date, I still use his ideas, it's no wonder that he and Nasser are now inseparable and best of friends.

Kim Swagga - We went to a bar and one thing led to another, he is the father of my last born unfortunately, the child is more attached to my mom because I was sent to jail when she was  one month old and on coming out, she was a three-year-old.

David Greenhalgh - We are not in touch anymore and he is one person I don't even think about even for a second, he really put me to shame. Greenhalgh was the Brit businessman who entrusted Bad Black with money to the tune of 11Billion for business purposes, but Bad Black diverted it to her personal use claiming that they had an affair after all.

When asked what business she does, the mom of three said her business has a lot of hanging with Caucasian lovers and that is her fall back position now that she is not that much schooled, the reason she calls a wardrobe Hodulop.


Bad Black's ride a Merc ML 35O in UBD series

Bad Black's ride a Merc ML 35O in UBD series

Bad Black and her latest lover

The man in Bad Black's life right now, she does not want to reveal his name lest her competitors go for him too..

Bad Black will soon go to the US where her lover is based to give birth to her latest child. She is residing with her son who mostly speaks English and yet her mom is not very good at the language, so there's someone on the side to help with the translation.

She shared a clip telling her son to be careful when eating fish warning him of 'amagumba' leaving him very confused about what her mom had just said, but the translator helped by telling her they were called bones and it is then that Jona who he now prefers to call Hodulop got to know what his mom was talking about.

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