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Angella Katatumba finds love in Daddy Andre

December 14, 2019 11:41 AM @ugandaonline

"When we were doing music we started dating and it has been like this for some months now... he is a nice guy, he is very loving, very caring,  AND very hard working."

Angella and Daddy Andre are an item

Angella and Daddy Andre are an item

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Musician Angella Katatumba has found love in producer Daddy Andre and she confirms that what started as a music project turned out to be their love portion.

The singer has been in court for a greater part of this year either on the case regarding her late Dad and businessman Shumuk Mukesh aka Shumuk or better still the Chicken Tonight was recently sentenced to one year and half for battering the Gulu singer last year.

All that called for a revamp of her music or better still adding another song for her fans and Daddy Andre was the producer of her choice to deliver that next hit.

While in studio, the two developed feelings for each other and as it turns out, they are an item and she is not shy about it, unlike her previous failed relationships where she could not come out to say the Boy is Mine, for Daddy Andre she has confirmed a lot is going down in just the few weeks they've been together.

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Daddy Andre is the best thing that has happened to Angella Katatumba lately. 

Last year, still in studio, Angella Katatumba developed a thing close to feelings for the Jamaican star Kuzi Kz as the two were recording a song together, it later turned out that they were hungry after spending several hours in studio doing music, the loved up couple stormed Chicken Tonight for a quick bite. 

Angella Katatumba and Daddy Andre

Angella Katatumba and inset is producer Daddy Andre


Hungry Kuzi Kz mistook chili sauce for tomato ketchup when he put so much of it and on eating, his mouth was stuffed with too much chili that he could not handle. He used the sink to let it out and that is how the fight ensued between the managers and Angella Katatumba, the guard was called in to calm things down, but instead used a lot of force hurting her in the process.

Daddy Andre

Daddy Andre

Early this week, she was appearing in court for the verdict of the guard who thumped her and on the sidelines, she was asked about her lover...

How is your loved one? 

"Are you asking about Daddy Andre!! He is busy in the studio."

Are you sure you are not stepping on someone's toes, Karole Kasita and Daddy Andre are close.

"From what I know, they have a good song together, Baby Pappa Baby Mama and that is all I know about them, it is a musical relationship."

"Are you dating Daddy Andre?" Yeahh!!!

"I will keep up with it and also keep praying that it works out, but so far, yeah, he is a nice guy, he is very loving, very caring, very hard working there is no problem." 

"When we were doing music we started dating and it has been like this for some months now."

Daddy Andre is behind songs like Sikikukweka, You and Me that he did with Lydia Jazmine and Now that he did with Spice Diana.


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