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Zari buys her sons the latest iPhone 11 Pro smartphones

December 05, 2019 09:20 AM @ugandaonline

This is the phone that Diamond Platnumz bought for Tanasha Donna when she gave birth to baby Naseeb Junior...

Zari buys her sons the latest iPhone 11 Pro smartphones

Boxing Day came early for Pinto and Raphael...

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Businesswoman and top East African socialite Zari Hassan has bought her two sons, Pinto and Raphael, the latest iPhone 11 Pro smartphones just like she promised when a fan poked her on the smartphone issue.

As Tanasha Donna was busy celebrating Christmas coming early after baby daddy gifting her with an iPhone 11 gadget, a fan told Zari that she is not the type that would easily be excited over a smartphone.

In the same vein, Zari retaliated saying that if anything, she was not an Apple fan, she was a Samsung die hard.

"I love my Samsungs they have the best photo quality. I have placed an order for the boys," Zari noted last month.

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The Smartphones have now arrived and them coming during the Black Friday period does not imply they were acquired at discount prices. Very rarely do companies discount new products as they are pretty much aware, customers will buy them anyway. 


We are yet to see how Prince Nillan, Diamond Platnumz and Zari's son will roll on his birthday tomorrow as he turns 3, his big brothers (Pinto and Raphael) are in a jovial mood already after joining the iPhone Pro family.

The iPhone 11 pro was released on September 20, 2019 and it is going for about $1000. It has a triple-lens camera that can allow you take three different HD shots from the same location.

Zari strikes a poase with her three sons
Zari's first born, Pinto on the left and Raphael on the right have joined the iPhone 11 Pro family. Mummy's boy, Quincy, in a red jumper could be in another 'smartphone family' 

Other iPhone pro specs include:

Storage 64/256/512GB
Rear Camera 12MP+
Front Camera 12MP
Waterproof: IP68
OS: iOS 13

It has a great display even in sunny conditions unlike some 'Kabiritis' that could pose as a threat to your sight. The iPhone 11 Pro battery can last more than a day with heavy use. It is the best deal for those in phone photography.


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