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MC Kats in a UK hospital after breaking down at the Shady Mixtape party

December 04, 2019 04:55 PM @ugandaonline

Some sources indicate MC Kats is nursing stab wounds though his colleagues who think otherwise claim it is the autumn cold weather that is affecting him...

MC Kats during the Mixtape party that was held at the Royal Regency

MC Kats during the Mixtape party that was held at the Royal Regency. He used the opportunity to cry his love out for his estranged baby mama Fille Muthoni

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Celebrated city MC, Edwin Katamba, 36, better known as MC Kats is still in the UK where he travelled for the Mixtape Party by Slick Stuart and DJ Roja. 

However, his holiday has been faced with some very unfortunate incidents. It all started with a Kampala based promoter, Side Soft, who he accused of stealing his money to the tune of 7million, it turns out that the promoter is a brother to his recent signee, Shammy K and as expected, MC Kats has cut ties with the Ssuupu singer.

Latest reports indicate that the Kats Music boss is under the care of paramedics after he tried to stab himself. Some of his IG updates indicate he is at Newham University Hospital.

Fellow workmates, Anatalia Ozze and Zahara Totto in their Tuesday night UNCUT show revealed that it is true, the "Rich" MC Kats was in hospital, but not as alleged, it was the autumn weather that was giving him problems.

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Their Friday Shady Mixtape party was well attended with revelers grooving to jams like Bebe Cool's Agenze and Afrigo's Sikulimba that saw MC Kats give out Fille (his baby mama's) posters to her UK fans.


His DJ Buddies in their playlists had lots of Fille's songs playing in rotation and notable among them was Sabula that got Kats shouting; 

"Fille WEYAYU...I love you..."

He however broke down and went to his knees thanking fans for the overwhelming support. At the Mix Tape party, Grenade, Fic Fameika and A Pass were some of the artists that brought the roof down at The Royal Regency leaving fans yearning for more.

It was all a Fille affair for MC Kats
It was all a Fille affair for MC Kats

MC Kats soon returned to what he has been doing best in the last couple of days, making so many unrelated posts that made some of the fans to believe that something was amiss;

In one of the posts, he gave out his Mzigo structures to Rajiv Ruparelia. In another post, he gave one of his plots to Bebe Cool who he claims has been his uncle ever since he met Zuena. 

MC Kats has been going through a lot lately though his major issues stem from the fact that his baby mama Fille left him something that has greatly affected him.

Just recently, announced that he had resumed managing his baby mama though he made it categorically clear that it was a musical reunion and not otherwise. He plans on organizing a concert for Fille at Serena Hotel.

"If I can do so much for Shammy K, why not Fille the mother of my daughter," MC Kats said while announcing his plans for the Fille Serena concert. 

MC Kats displaying one of the Fille posters to the fans


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