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I am still locked up, Bryan White cries out after being pardoned by Mukula

November 26, 2019 7:28 AM @ugandaonline

"All I did for my people was all out of good will, though I am still locked up, but Kijja Kugwa..." Bryan White.

Bryan White strikes a pose next to one of his posh rides

Bryan White strikes a pose next to one of his posh rides

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"Brian White is in the hands of the CID - UGANDA POLICE for several cases - impunity and attempt to be untouchable in Uganda  is unacceptable nobody is above the law- at the same time misrepresentation of the Name of the President of Uganda will not be allowed."

That was Captain Mike Mukula's tweet on Nov 22 after socialite Bryan White was arrested on the grounds of not paying up the Shs200 million, which was the balance on the posh ride the socialite got from the pilot. Several months had elapsed from the period in which they had agreed to clear the balance, leaving Mukula with no choice, but to swing into action.

On learning that Bryan White was under police custody, his landlord rushed to the station to file his claims too. He is demanding Shs500 Million in rent arrears and that is not all, he also wants him evicted.

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Bryan White is the socialite who made a name for himself by dishing out cash to so many people, he also has over 15 posh rides in his yard, but as it turns out, some have not been fully cleared something that has left many baffled.

Bryan White in one of his rides

He was once asked where he got his money from and he said that he had inherited it from his step father (RIP) who was at the time based in Italy and dealt in real esate business.


He also used to move in a convoy of very many of his cars alongside boda-boda's that either cleared the way for him or followed, but that had changed in the recent past as he had resorted to keeping a low profile.

Promoter Balaam mediates between Bryan White and Mike Mukula

"I met Bryan White and I asked what the problem was between him and Capt. Mike Mukula, he told me that he bought a car from him and made an initial deposit of USD45,000 but did not pay the balance in the required time frame. He had hopes of clearing the balance from a payment which has not materialized yet."

Balaam, then advised Bryan White to return the car that he had driven for at least a year, this also marked the end of this particular case giving rise to another tweet from Captain Mike Mukula.

"Leadership is about responsibility and resolving all issues given the opportunity... The Bible and the Quran teach us to forgive and pray for those that have wronged you... Let God the almighty judge."

Bryan White (UG Regalia), Captain Mike Mukula and promoter Balaam

Bryan White (UG Regalia), Captain Mike Mukula and promoter Balaam

While the Mukula-Bryan White issue could be resolved, Bryan White still has other people to sort out and among them is his landlord, the reason he is still locked up.

"All I did for my people was out of good will, though am still locked up, but Kijja Kugwa."

At the time of Bryan White troubles, he was constructing his Musaja Alumbwa based Bryan White Foundation offices where those in need of money can take their proposals for consideration.


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