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The return of Jackie Chandiru and her drug addiction problems

January 11, 2019, 9:00 AM @ugandaonline

Inset is Jackie Chandiru on her wedding day

"My husband is such a loving man, he never judged me, he respected me and actually, stood by me for a very long time..."

Jackie Chandiru has been battling with the effects of drug abuse, but not anymore and in fact, she is back on stage after her first performance at Club Amnesia yesterday.

Jackie has held a series of interviews trying to explain her ordeal and what she went through in the last five or so years let alone the cause of her problems.

It all started with some lower back pain that resulted from a slipped disc and in seeking help from a doctor, Pethidine, a pain killing drug used especially for women in labour was prescribed for her.

"I was in so much pain on top of having issues with my past that robbed me of sleep, but every time I used that drug, all the pain could disappear and I could sleep off. My body had so much gotten used to this drug that I had used for at least five years, I could use it even when I did not need it by injecting anywhere on the body."

"I started with 2 injections to 5 to 10 and eventually 20 injections a day."


Jackie was so much addicted to the Pethidine drug to the point of administering it to her body, though she did it the wrong way as she was injecting the body as opposed to administering it through the veins.

The former Blu3 star, Jackie Chandiru, ended up in rehab and that was probably the only place that could suit her now that she could not listen to any of her relatives or anyone close to her which affected her marriage too.

Jackie adds that as an addict, she could not think of eating food or anything constructive for that matter, but the only thing on her mind was where she could get the next drug to inject her body.

"My husband is such a loving man, he never judged me, he respected me and actually, stood by me for a very long time, but he was disappointed."

"He gave me all the money that I needed, Shs 10Million per month on top of having his credit card, but to his disappointment, I was using this money to buy that drug."

Jackie is now set to revive her singing career and in studio working on six songs with one song dubbed Mi Ora Ku released already.

Jackie is sorry for what happened and her Blu3 pals are excited too that she is back and the fans should look forward for something from the Blu3 girl group that was once a powerful singing group in East Africa.

Below is a pic of Jackie performing at Club Amnesia yesterday.

Jackie Chandiru performing at Club Amnesia yesterday

Jackie says that she is still battling with effects of the drug and that it will take between 3 and 5 years to recover fully. She is right now on NTV Mwasuze Mutya where she continues to talk about her story that involves a lot of jumping high walls in a Jackie Cha style.

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