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More of Rema and Hamzah introduction pics

November 15, 2019 5:28 PM @ugandaonline

Rema Namakula Ssebunya changed outfits five times during her Kwanjula, the Sili Muyembe star was later seen in another evening dress for the After Party making a total of six outfits...

The smile on Rema says it all

The smile on Rema says it all and the attention to detail of Hamzah's black Turban cap could not be missed...

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The introduction is done and Hamzah's camp has warned of the mother of all weddings next year. They have given Rema five years in the, music industry and pull out to take care or her hubby.

As Hamzah was putting the ring on Rema, she thanked him so much for loving her and repeatedly told him that she was ready to love him.

"Enjoy the love light..." Rema added leading to a wild cheer from the guests.

At this point, Hamzah was dressed like a Nigerian Oga and so was Rema. Some of these pics (the one's in blue) were taken after the pre-introduction shower, but were released on the D-Day.

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Rema changed five times during that intro and then changed to an open neck evening dress for the After Party that was held at Freeman Kiyimba's residence... 

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Hamzah whispering sweet nothings to Rema

Hamzah whispering sweet nothings to Rema... Among the gifts that Hamzah gave Rema was a guitar. First was gold on green, but the green on white was equally well executed


First was the green outfit that was almost similar to what the Buganda Queen was clad in, then the glittery one that had the same color with Hamzah's. The white traditional dress with a green sash was arguably the best from our lenses.

The next outfit for Rema was a blue dress which also led her hubby to don like an Oga. This was during the time of putting rings on each other's fingers. Rema said that she had prayed and fasted for this moment and if he (Hamzah Ssebunya) had let her down, it could have led to another issue all together. 

Rema right by Sheikh Muzaata and in another she waves to the guests

Rema right by Sheikh Muzaata and in another she waves to the guests

Sheikh Muzaata has been under a lot of fire from the time of the pre-intro (Kukyaala) when he made some remarks that did not go down well with Kenzo, but lately, Kenzo has adopted a line he prefers using in most of his speeches; ''When life gives you lemon, you make lemonade out of it..."

True to that, the man who was demanding for an apology and threatening to stop performing in Uganda unless Muzaata apologized to him backtracked on those words and instead used the moment to go to the studio and within no time, a song was out dubbed Semyekozo, it also has the lemon-lemonade line in the lyrics. Eddy Kenzo.

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The Ssebunya's...

The Ssebunya's...

Scroll down for video

Oga Hamzah and his beautiful wife...

Oga Hamzah and his beautiful wife...Inset is their daughter Aamaal

And then that moment when Hamzah put the ring on it...

And then that moment when Hamzah put the ring on it...

That is the moment Rema has been yearning for all this while, singing about in most of her songs like Katono, Siri Muyembe and Gutujja among others. Then the functions preceding this moment, the Kukyaala, the pre-intro shower, the photo sessions, and eventually the Kwanjula go ahead to demonstrate how badly she needed this and it is not over yet, the wedding is on next year (month's away) and they warn that it will be the mother of all weddings.

Locals in Nabbingo are not complaining anymore as many of them either got bread, sugar or the hard cash that Hamzah was giving out while en route to the Kwanjula venue.

Rema thanked all those that have been there for her, thanked Sheikh Muzaata and even gave him a gift.


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