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SK Mbuga asks his fans what transpired while he was away

October 01, 2019 12:00 PM @ugandaonline

SK Mbuga chats with Sipapa and inset, he is seen with Bryan White back then

SK Mbuga chats with Sipapa and inset, he is seen with Bryan White back then

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It is 4 days from the time socialite SK Mbuga returned to the country after being held in prisons abroad for close to two years on cases related to fraud, he was cleared of all charges and he says that he will be compensated for the time he lost which money will be used to improve the communities around him.

Over the weekend, locals threw a welcome party for him at his yet to be completed hospital, they also donated a goat to him.

Two years away is such a long period when you are not in touch with happenings back at home, he demanded to know what transpired while he was away and the fans were kind to fill him in.

1. Fresh Kid

A new kid on the block, who is only seven years old has been terrorizing the music industry threatening to tear it into pieces. Fresh Kid is behind hit songs like 'Banteeka' with 'Tip Tap' as his latest.

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His Dad going by Fresh Daddy as his stage name also felt he could sing, which he did, though little did he know that he was riding on his son's popularity, thus affecting him in the process. He released 'Mazike' as his first song, but has since pulled out after being pelted with bottles and gone back to his manicure and pedicure business.

Fresh Jajja is now trying to fill that vacuum.


2. Rema-Eddy Kenzo

It has been one month now from the time Rema made it public that it was over between her and the Sitya Loss crooner, Eddy Kenzo, she is now in advanced stages of her introduction ceremony to new lover who happens to be a gynecologist. Now that you are in the country, your invite should have arrived by now as the event is being organized by fellow loaded senior citizens like businessman Godfrey Kirumira.

In other relationship news, Pastor Bugingo separated with his wife of over 25 years, he is now dating Makula who could be pregnant and things have not been  any easier for Hon. Judith Babirye, her husband went back to his ex-lover, Lukia. Buli Uzziah Affe is Judith Babirye's latest song.

3. Bryan White

While you were away, Brian Kirumira aka Bryan White had assumed your role of cruising posh rides though not as posh as your Rolls Royce and a Ferrari, he gave out money to whoever would allow to be filmed, many top artists joined his 'Podium' he completed the late Moze Radio's house and also constructed his mausoleum where his body now rests, he is on record for having given out money more than any socialite out there, but by the time you returned to the country, Bryan White was no more, so you can start from there.

4. Don Nasser

In the field of super cars, you were at the top until Don Nasser, who sponsored your homecoming party brought in a Rolls Royce. While your RR was parked, Nasser's could decorate the dusty streets of Kampala, it even once blocked traffic as the occupant stopped to take a leak as he was protected by the Rolls Royce door that opens the opposite way. Oh yes, Don Nasser was also smoked out of a ceiling after a Nigerian Oga came here accusing him of fraud, but just like you were cleared, he was also cleared of the charges.

Don Nasser's Rolls Royce at the airport

Don Nasser's Rolls Royce at the airport where they were to receive SK Mbuga on Saturday. In black is Abryanz who organized the SK Mbuga homecoming party

5. Grenade Official

The few times your wife was seen partying, she could not keep calm every time Grenade's Afazaali Nkuloga hit song was played.

Otherwise, you can now start from where you stopped, the showbiz world has been feeling your absence.


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