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Eddy Kenzo holds back the tears while talking about Rema

November 03, 2019 1:40 PM @ugandaonline

Eddy Kenzo shows off his Kenya Uganda bracelet

Eddy Kenzo shows off his Kenya Uganda bracelet. Inset is Kenzo with Faridah during the interview

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Star singer, Eddy Kenzo, has for the last one month gone through a lot for the time he was out of the country, he used social media to address those issues, but now, he was on TV to talk about all those issues.

On Friday, he was the guest on NTV's Mwasuze Mutya program with show host Faridah Nakazibwe, he talked about quite a lot including his recent visit to State House.

Kenzo expressed his bitterness with what Sheikh Muzaata had done, but he confirmed that he had forgiven him and put all that behind him.

Asked that for the time you have been in the celebrity world, have you not learnt how to control yourself?

There's what we term as a joke and an insult, I will not stand the latter and that was the worst insult I have ever received in life, that one can insult you to that extent and not apologize for their mistakes.


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Host: Do you have a problem with Ssebunya after he took your wife?

No, I have no problem with him.

Host: How about the guys who dropped rice at Sheikh Muzaata's gate, did you have a hand in it?

No, I did not, but they were equally concerned that a clergyman could utter such words and not apologize, so they reacted.


Host: While you were away, they took your wife.

It is good for her because she is happy, she got the person of her dreams, all we can do for now is to pray for her and wish her the very best.

Host: Why do you say she got the man of her dreams, what about you?

I don't know what happened, I don't know my mistakes and I am not perfect, nor wrong because I don't know. Relationships are so emotional that's why I don't pay so much attention on certain things because I might end up derailing. Those are the murder and acid cases you hear about every now and then, why, because relationships are emotional.

Host: Have you moved on?

I haven't moved on, but I am ready to move on and I am in the process. I am single and not searching at the moment. (The show goes into a commercial to allow him wipe the tears from his face.)

Host: In your leaked messages on WhatsApp, it turned out that you agreed to call it quits, but you were behaving like she was still the woman of your life.

The issue of breaking down is after you think about how they will treat her, how you will move on without her, but, me and her agreed on this after about four meetings and the two of us were on talking terms thereafter, but mostly her friends in the media told her wrong info and that is what caused the rift between us, otherwise, I don't have a problem in her finding her peace.

Host: Would you support her like contributing to her event?

I can if they ask me to.

Host: If it is true that you discussed this issue and agreed amongst yourselves to let go, what is with the songs (Sili Muyembe, Love Nigga Semyekozzo) that she released?

In my songs, Terela, Tereza, Don't Care I do not disrespect her, I was only passing on a message and I don't think at any one moment I will ever be disrespectful, anyway.

Host: How about in the Gutujja song, did you feel disrespected?

If they were singing about me, that was disrespect, but deep in their hearts if they were not singing about me, then it is okay.

And now you are a Love Nigga!!

You can blame all that on my fans because by the time I got to Entebbe, I saw them clad in Team love Nigga T-shirts and they were calling me "Mr. President," so I accepted. When the world gives you lemon, you make lemonade out of it.

Eddy Kenzo finds his smile again...

Eddy Kenzo finds his smile again...Not after meeting the President

Host: How did you arrive at the decision of leaving her in the house?

I love women so much, I love my mom. I spent 5 years with Rema, but I never raised my hand to beat her up, nor abuse her or anything close to that, my children are girls, so at the end of the day, it had to be me to move out of the house. She is the mother of my child, I can give her anything in life.

She got that man while staying in the house that I left her in, I however, have no problem with all that because we discussed it.

All I can tell you is that we should keep loving her, support her music and everything she does, because, she deserves it.

Host: How did you and Rema connect in the first place?

Through music, but when I was invited at the defunct WBS TV for Karaoke where I was one of the winners, I met Rema Namakula and Halima Namakula after she had performed a song about her mom, I cried to her song and this attracted me to her and it was from then that we became an item. 

It is then that I started helping her with her music while still signed to Bebe Cool's Gagamel record label. I released her 'Fire Tonight' song. We later went for a tour in the West that lasted three weeks and before we knew it, one thing led to the other and there was baby Aamaal.

Host: Why didn't you and Rema do a collaboration song?

She said that this was everyone was looking forward to so we do not rush it...

Host: Did you at one point fall for Lydia Jazmine?

No, not at all.


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