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STRANGE-John Blaq's 'Do Dat' song played on his fan's funeral

November 02, 2019 9:54 AM @ugandaonline

Mourners were torn between dancing and crying at a funeral by a John Blaq diehard fan

Mourners were torn between dancing and crying at a funeral by a John Blaq diehard fan

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Mourners who came to attend Augustine's funeral were treated to a rare occurance when they ended up dancing and grooving to John Blaq's music as opposed to gospel or funeral related songs playing in the background, which is normally the norm. 

"When I die, John Blaq's Do Dat song should be played during my funeral," the deceased noted in his will.

His family was left with no choice, but to honor his request. 

The fast rising star's music was played as mourners were seen moving around the casket dancing to the song with some pulling Shaku Shaku dance moves as they waved.

"R.i.P Jajja Augustine Mukoma. Your last Will was to have this song played at your funeral," John Blaq noted on his wall.

It is the first time something like this is happening and if it does happen, it is after the burial, but not before the burial has taken place.


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This just confirms how much this particular fan loved John Blaq. The artist has only been around for a couple of years, but his music is getting to all the corners of the country and beyond simply because of his deep voice and how he effortlessly plays around with his lyrics.


Here is part of the lyrics in John Blaq's Do Dat song; Ah John Blaq, ah African bwoy, Aya basss Leka tuzanyeyo akazanyooo, aka fine'ooo paka night Nze coach leka nkusomese kubukodyo, bw'omuzanyo Before de match Doo do do do do dat Njagala tukolemu bili bi-dat Ah me say.. Ah doo do do do dat Njagala binyuma do do do do dat Ah me say. ah doo do do do do dat Njagala butter ngaliko n'omugaati Ah me say. ah doo do do do dat Ngalala tukolemu bili bi-dat.


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