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Full Figure is the latest artist to meet President Museveni

October 31, 2019 10:10 PM @ugandaonline

Buchaman, Eddy Kenzo, and Full Figure join Bebe Cool and Catherine Kusasira on the list of artists who have met the President

Buchaman, Eddy Kenzo, and Full Figure join Bebe Cool and Catherine Kusasira on the list of artists who can easily access the President. Socialite Sipapa (Black shirt) also met the President

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The list of artists and socialites meeting the President is growing by the day with Full Figuire being the latest. This is coming, days after the band singer Catherine Kusasira and rapper Mark Bugembe aka Buchaman were appointed as Presidential advisors on Kampala and Ghetto affairs respectively.

Catherine Kusasira has kicked off with her roles after she met the very first group at Sharing Hall in Nsambya, yesterday, the Sonyiwa Bano singer was being cruised in her black Land Cruiser UBFseries and that is not all, her security has been upped with a policeman.

Bebe Cool is also a proud owner of a Black Land Cruiser commonly known as 'Mpenkoni' courtesy of the President, it is numberless.

Eddy Kenzo had just been to the State House after his Government Where are you hashtag (#Weyayu) went viral. The President promised to support him with his videos alongside other artistes. The BET award winner is now asking for security following the visit.


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Before all that could settle, Full Figure who recently fell out with Bobi Wine's People Power group and now in support of the ruling party was also with the President and true to her trademark, she did the talking as the President listened.


"We thank the President for all that he has done for us, let us love our country. I have met the President and he has explained to me so well how he loves this country and what he feels for it." 

"Ugandans please come back and let's appreciate all that the President has done for us, he has done so much, but you only concentrate on the negatives.. look at the hospitals, roads."

"Let us love our country and not compare it with other countries and you, the media, stop highlighting the negatives only, talk about the good things as well, look at how beautiful Kampala is, show the good things too," Full Figure concluded.

Charles Olim aka Sipapa ang Jenipher Nakanguubi aka Full Figure with the President

Charles Olim aka Sipapa and Jenipher Nakanguubi aka Full Figure with the President

The 'Tukyakale' singer went with socialite Sipapa to meet the President.

The President who looked jovial throughout the time he was with them said that he has been notified of all their issues which he confirmed that he was aware of them only that, they were voting wrong leaders.

President Museveni singled out Sipapa's story and how he was proud of him. 

"This young man did a good job. He started off with 5Million of borrowing and saving and now, they have some good money in their association, but I told him that Government has been sending money in form of Entaadikwa, NAADS, Microfinance... If you can look for this money, things could be a lot better than they already are, but no worries, the city is going to become a better place because these youths have come out after being dissatisfied with the way things were being done."

It is a lot easier to approach Catherine Kusasira or Bebe Cool as opposed to getting to a Minister, it is even simpler for anyone in the Ghetto to approach Buchaman for their developmental issues that they may want to forward to the President, the reason you are seeing some lay people around him.

Full Figure speaking out as the President listens...


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