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Dorothy Shonga accepts hubby to marry second wife

Dorothy and Herbert Shonga during the happy times

Dorothy seems to have forgiven her baby daddy and hubby, Shonga Herbert, who has set a date to marry his side chic Sheilat Mulungi

06 Jul 2018 10:25 AM @ugandaonline

Habib Shonga formerly Herbert Shonga surprised his estranged wife, Dorothy Shonga with a visit which celebration she could only compare to their honeymoon night, the mom of three was so excited that she took to her wall to share the news. This left many of their fans shaking their heads, could this be what they call true love!



Dorothy Shonga and Herbert Shonga were married for one year and on the eve of their first marriage anniversary, hell broke loose when she threw everything in his face regarding his side chic, Sheilat Mulungi. 

Using Facebook live, Dorothy revealed how her hubby was broke and that she was the one financing everything, he did not stop at that, but he was also using her money to date other women.

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The man just coiled his tail and decided to date Sheilat Mulungi, the babe who was at the center of their split, he also converted his religion to Islam changing his name to Habib. So much has been happening within a short time and it was too much for Dorothy to digest. Habib and Sheila are planning for their wedding early next year.

If you can’t beat them you join them. At this rate, it looks like Dorothy has accepted her man to be with his side chic and looking at want just transpired, Dorothy and Herbert (Err) Habib are riding on the same horse.

Dorothy sent her fans into a frenzy when she shared pics of gift items that Shonga brought for her while checking on her in Malawi, they have three children together.


Excited Dorothy Shoga showing off her gift items that include an iPhone X among others

Shonga had travelled to Zimbabwe for his business errands, but since it is less than an hour by air from Zim to Malawi, he gave his wife a surprise treat.

Dorothy who could not hide her excitement took to her wall to let her fans know what just went down.

"Herbert  Shonga, thanks.for the HP Spectre convertible, Note8, iPhone X, hair, watch spray makeup and clothes."


These are some of the comments from the fans;

Grace - Follow your heart if you still love your man, but once a cheater will always be, secondly, you don't know his intentions now, he may be running broke please be wise and don't give him any dime sweety.

Paxeda - Why do I think Sheilat selected those things, men are not a joke, the side chic must have made the choices on which gifts to buy,  Anyway I think am just a pessimist 

It should be recalled that last weekend, Herbert who was operating under his Habib profile was hanging out with his side chic, Sheilat Mulungi and on Friday, they went for prayers at Gaba mosque where they donated over Shs13Million.

Sheilat Mulungi and Habib Shonga

Side chic goals - Sheilat Mulungi and Habib Shonga

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