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It's over between Hamisa Mobetto and Diamond Platnumz

It is iver between Hamisa Mobetto and Diamond Platnumz

Diamond Platnumz accuses Hamisa Mobetto of trying to bewitch him into marrying her

05 Sep 2018 2:00 AM @ugandaonline

It was obvious all was not well between these two. It all started with Hamisa talking about how she would only settle down with Diamond If he could agree to take care of her other child from an earlier relationship.

Then came the interview that saw the 'Iyena' singer tell all those that were following the interview to use protection if at all they were to make out with their side chics to avoid side kids.

This hit Hamisa below the belt, and in the end, it turned out that her baby daddy was very upset on discovering in an audio doing the rounds online that the mother of his child, Hamisa Mobetto, was involved in sorcery.


In the audio that has since gone viral, the person who is alleged to be Hamisa reveals to the witch doctor that her Mother-in-law does not like her, she needs help so that this can change. 

What of Diamond, the witch doctor asks? "He is ok and crazy about me, he keeps following me, though it is me saying no to him."
"We've been together for ten years, but he never acknowledges me, but he is quick to love and cherish new lovers publicly while he keeps me in the background," the audio that is alleged to be Hamisa's ends.

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After listening to the audio, Diamond Platnumz was convinced beyond reasonable doubt that, that was his baby mama's voice.
While talking to Wasafi TV, he had this to say; 

"When you go to a witch doctor to bewitch my mother and my family, it means you cannot hesitate to kill my mother for me to buy you a house or anything."

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"That is her voice and I confronted her about it, but she is denying," Diamond Platnumz noted.

"They make it look like my mom and sister have a problem which Hamisa uses to send people to abuse them, it is not right." 

"I would advise you use that witchcraft to support your work than force me to marry you," Diamond Platnumz concluded. 

Meanwhile, as all this is going on, Hamisa has deleted all Dimaond Platnumz' pics from Dylan's account and also un followed him.
This latest development has left the Zari camp, having the last laugh, though Hamisa has decided to just play it cool. Many believe though that the audio could still be fake now that it is not very clear, but Diamond insists it is Hamisa.

It is now left to be seen if after this humiliation, Hamisa would still want to hang around or just pic k-up the pieces and move on.


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