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Sheila Gashumba disciplined by dad, Frank Gashumba

Frank and Sheila strike a pose at their guzzler a Toyota Sequoia

Frank Gashumba and his daughter, Sheila right by his guzzler, a Toyota Sequoia and on the right, it is a father-daughter moment

04 Oct 2018 12:25 PM @ugandaonline

NTV the Beat and Style Project show host, Sheila Gashumba, is still recovering from an alleged beating from her dad who is so bitter with what she did, though he is not able to divulge into the details claiming that family matters are not for the media.

Speaking to one of the scribes from a local telly, the Ssisimuka Uganda CEO was asked why he had to beat up his daughter and lock her up in the house missing out on her TV show in the process, this was his response;

"If I committed any crime, I'm at my office come and get me, but before doing that, ask yourself, Do you have a child? How have you raised them and what are they in society?"  Frank Gashumba responded.

I have made her what she is and given her the best foundation possible that she is an envy of those who have not been part of her life, and now, they want to take advantage of her.

"Try looking through her grades right from primary to high school, you will know what I'm talking about," He added.


The 22-year-old is linked to the 'My Woman is My Property' singer, Fik Fameica, something he strongly disapproves and that is what many are suspecting of being the main reason for the beating.

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Sheila's dad expects better given her CV and he will not allow her to settle for less.

The other reason sources are quoting for having led to Sheila's beating was when she came back on Saturday night in the company of her friends very drunk, the friends resorted to hurling insults at the motivational speaker who responded by locking her up in one of the rooms.

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It's said that Sheila called the mom, Tinah Mukuza, who alerted Kabalagala police about the incident, they rushed to her rescue.

In her statement though, she chose to forgive the father.

"Humble as ever, but aware of my value," Is her latest post clearly speaking volumes about the developments.

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