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Isabel does justice to the Late Elly Wamala’s Talanta song

03 MAR 2018 11:20 AM


Isabel Twongyeirwe has redone the Late Elly Wamala's Talanta song in English

The original song was done in Luganda, but Isabel Twongyeirwe made the remake cover song in English

Days after Wendy Thelma Kisakye bombarded us with a tribute song which is a combination of Radio and Weasel songs, another young lass oozing with talent has come up with a cover of the late Elly Wamala's ‘Talanta’ song.

Twongyeirwe Isabel is the name of the young lady behind the English song that was originally in the Luganda dialect, she did this with her guitar while capturing every moment with the help of her Samsung phone.



Here is the chorus and part of the lyrics;

"Oh Dad! Don't be angry, don't complain
Won't you just let me marry my man?
I don't want, no! I don't need all the rest.
He's the one in the many I choose.

Even though you'd have the type that would cause such city hype. He's the one that I choose. Just let me marry my man. (Daddy just let me marry my man)"

Isabel explains that it was not an easy thing, translating the Luganda song to English.

"The pressure has been real to do the full translation.
I'm glad ya'll like it though. All I have is my Samsung camera and room to record so bear with how raw it is. It's how I'm rolling at the moment."


Some folks who enjoyed the tune as always, had something to say; 

"Is she single?"

"Wow, very impressive! This is a real test piece of music translation from its original raw form composition to such an amazing English version using a box guitar and a natural voice. Thank you so much you have a talent of your own."

"Lack of innovation in this young gal. Why can't you believe in yourself and produce your own music!!"

Again, this will take us back to Bruno K, the master of doing cover songs, he is trying to do songs of his own lately and oh yes, Isabel is equally talented and the sky is the limit considering that what she produced on her bed, in her room with a guitar is this good just confirms she has every reason to hit the studio.

We've had less talented artists breaking through, so Isabel could as well go full throttle.

Apart from the guitar, Isabel is good at playing the organ and interestingly after her Talanta cover, everyone wants to work with her.

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