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Singer Barbi J dumped by his baby mama, composes song

30 MAR 2018 9:00 AM


Nisha and Barbi J and their baby Hitler Buyinza

Julius Buyinza aka Barbi J has been dumped by his long time girlfriend and baby mama, Millers Nisha Mariam, 20, days after giving birth to their child. 



The singer was arrested for being idle and disorderly when cops landed on a white sedan car parked by the roadside and inside was a young woman identified as Rose, who was only clad in a micro green dress with Barbi J half dressed. 

Asked why he was not dressed, the singer said he was feeling hot and Rose, amused many with her explanation as to why the car was shaking, she said that she was stretching her legs, but nothing serious was going on in the car. 

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After analyzing all the accounts and the footage, Nisha Mariam walked out on Barbi J claiming this was not the first time the singer was behaving this way. 

"Fellow men, if any woman who is not your mother comes near you and tells you "I love you" run..." Barbi J wrote on his wall. 

"Don't speak out of anger, were expecting her to still love you after all that rubbish of yours.." One responded. 


Just like Spice Diana who composed a song dubbed 32, Barbi J has also composed a song depicting the circumstances around his arrest in the car with a woman 
and these are some of the lines off the song; 

"Tuli mu kamotoka nga tuli ne baby, qiqiqiqi bwebugombe bwa police. 
Babuza nti abali muno mukola biki. 
Emotoka enyenya mubala kaki...." 

Barbi J did the 'Kiri Mumwe' song with Ziza Bafana.


Barbi J and Mariam during the happy times

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