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Hamisa Mobetto messed me up-Diamond Platnumz

It was a bad moment in my life, it was really bad, Diamond explains

It was a bad moment in my life, it was really bad, Diamond explains

29 Aug 2018 02:15 AM @ugandaonline

The lion has roared and as far as he is concerned, Hamisa Mobetto is still a side chic and he has not given up trying to get Zari back.

Five days back, Diamond Platnumz held an interview with 247HH, a YouTube platform explaining in detail how the Zari-Hamisa saga fell flat on his face and in the end, he advises his buddies to use protection.


I had a girlfriend, we had two kids and then, I had a side chic and my girlfriend never knew about that, though we had a kid.

She used to hear about it, but I used to deny when she was asking me If I had a side chic, I told her no, I couldn't do that and then, the side chic got pregnant and girlfriend asked me about it and I said no, It's not mine and I don't know anything about it.

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She got a kid and delivered, (Zari) asked me about it and I told her that's not my kid.

Zari and Hamisa started arguing with each other on social media, my girlfriend telling the side chic that there's no way my hubby can date with you, go and find the father of that kid.

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The more they argued, the more the side chic brought out the video evidence of me and her, it was a bad moment in my life, it was really bad.

I was in Tanzania and she was in South Africa, I wrote a long message explaining how when someone loves you, they cannot tell you the truth, then I went to a radio station for an interview, the whole country was tuned in as I got calls from the State House and different people, it was very bad and sometimes, I don't want to think about it.

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But, I love my kids and I will do my level best to make sure that I give all the kids the love that I have and they deserve from me.


I've learnt something and not only me, but even some of my friends who are watching me, it does not matter if you have a wife or a girlfriend, but when you have a side chic, make sure you use a condom so it can protect you from not having a side kid because that is really bad."

This interview has left Hamisa's mom heart broken.

Diamond Platnumz during the interview as he explained about his sid chic and the girlfriend

Diamond Platnumz in the Side chic VS girlfriend interview

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