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Fans blast Diamond Platnumz over Hamisa Mobetto's child

28 Jun 2018 9:45 AM @ugandaonline

Fans blast Diamond Platnumz for not including Hamisa Mobetto's child in promo clip that only highlighted Zari's children, but after being told off, this was his response; "This is my kid and he will forever be my kid, tena my beloved kid."


Fans blast Diamond Platnumz over Hamisa Mobetto's child


In his one minute clip promoting the US tour where he survived an accident on Saturday, the Bongo Flava singer told of how he was going to be away for long and during that time, he will miss his mom, sisters and children.

"Sometimes life can be sweet, it can also be bitter, but when bitter, the more money you make." He does a bit of Swahili in the clip before switching to English;

I won't be able to see my mom, my beautiful kids (clip shows him playing with Zari's kids only) and beloved family, the clip has a bit of his female fans hip dancing as he says; America, I'm in town.

His fans were particularly concerned about that bit when he says he will miss his beautiful kids and Zari's two children are the one’s highlighted in the clip.

“What of Hamisa Mobetto’s child, is he not one of your children,” One asked.

And of course a series of comments followed with the majority roasting him over the act, he was left with no choice, but to defend himself.

"This is my Kid and he will forever be my Kid, tena My Beloved Kid."



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