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Wema Sepetu banned from acting following her leaked clip with new lover

Wema Sepetu's last pic on Instagram and inset is the banned actress issuing her apology

Wema Sepetu's last pic on Instagram before it was hacked and inset is the banned actress issuing her apology

29 Oct 2018 8:12 AM @ugandaonline

Diamond Platnumz's ex-lover, Wema Sepetu, is caught in a very difficult situation after her Instagram account was hacked.

Looking at what is being advertised there, it is unlikely she is in control of her account and this is how, maybe, her clip with new found hubby to be got leaked on the internet.

In the clip, Patrick, her new flame was feasting on her lips just like a bird feeds its young ones.

"I take full responsibility for what happened and I'm sorry, " Wema Sepetu said while speaking to journalists.

The internet regulatory body TCRA had to slap her with a ban from acting following the clip that went viral.


Meanwhile, some Tanzanian media sources indicate that Wema's new found lover, Patrick aka PCK, is on the wanted list by authorities there after conning a Tanzanian MP.

Many are attributing all these problems Wema is faced with to her failing to rekindle her love life with the Tanzanian singer.

It should be recalled that when Zari Hassan came into Diamond's life, Wema Sepetu was the main chic, she has never recovered since then.

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Not long back, she survived jail for abusing and misusing drugs. Matters are made worse after Diamond seems not to want anything to do with her and yet she was the shoulder, he was leaning on after being dumped by Zari.

Being the Tanzanian sweet heart she is, the Miss Tanzania 2006 beauty queen and actress will do anything just to remain in the limelight and the bouncing back with the new lover was one of those stunts she was pulling, but it seems to be falling flat on her.

Video of Wema Sepetu issuing her apology over the leaked clip

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