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Boat Cruise Accident: 32 confirmed dead as over 60 are still missing

Some of the slay queens who were on the boat cruise that capsized

Some of the victims of the boat cruise that capsized on Saturday

27 Nov 2018 7:53 AM @ugandaonline

It's been three days and the country is still in mourning following the Saturday boat cruise that is still the talk of the town.

The accident happened on Saturday evening and moments later, 13 bodies were retrieved and another 19 were pulled out on Sunday putting the number of the dead at 32.

Over 60 are still missing, according to the latest information from the police that further confirmed on the number of those who survived from 40 to 27.

The boat that capsized had been grounded for over 6 months, according to Moses Semanda, one of the mechanics who confirmed that repairs were still ongoing, but when the owner, Templar Bisase, got this particular deal, he had to take the boat to the waters.


The boat owners were supposed to test it to ascertain if it was in good shape and condition, but unfortunately, that boat cruise doubled as testing ride as well.

The captain noticed that all was not well with the boat and he decided to change cos to a nearby Mutima Beach and just 100meters to their final destination, the boat capsized.

Those who could swim and those with lifesavers jackets are some of the 27 that are trying to narrate what exactly happened. 

Geoffrey Mukalazi who builds boats says the accident was caused by the water that was poured inside to try and balance the boat with the engine, he also confirms that the boat was still on repair, but the process was cut short after getting this deal. He adds that they could have used stones or sand as opposed to the water that was used.

Yesterday was equally a sad day as most of the victims were being buried.

A number of vehicles that are believed to be for the revelers on the capsized boat cruise are still parked at KK-Beach where the boat cruise journey started from.

Some of the victims that have been identified

Some of the victims that have been identified from the Saturday boat cruise accident

KK-Beach where the victims started their boat cruise journey

Inset are some of the vehicles believed to be for the victims of the boat cruise accident still parked at KK-Beach

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