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Vera Sidika's ex-lover leaks her pics

22 JUN 2017 12:28 PM


Vera Sidika showing off what her mama gave her
Kenyan socialite Vera Sidika in bitter split with now ex-lover Yommi Johnson

Kenyan socialite Vera Sidika is not a happy woman at the moment after her pics started doing rounds online. The The two had a serious fight two months back on the streets in Dubai and since then, all has not been well in their world of love.

The socialite shared a clip of her then lover slapping her from the streets as she used swearing words protesting the action. Yommi Johnson has gone ahead to leak the socialite's pics and Vera is like, You do that to someone you once loved!!

Part of the Vera Sidika-Johnson fights on Whatsapp

Kenyans who lived in Dubai said so much about you and I assumed they were hating. I heard so much, but chose to ignore it all. Even with ignoring it, I was still careful. Careful with my heart. Careful not to fall victim. Careful not to put myself in trouble. 

Just want to tell y'all that warned me from day one. Thank you. I'm not perfect. Sometimes in life. Love controls us. We do things out of love. We choose to overlook so many things coz of love. We settle for less than we are used to coz of love. I made so much sacrifice in this. 

People that know me know I lived recklessly coz I never wanted marriage and didn't care about how I lived. But once again. I got into a messed up situation

This is the problem. When you deal with someone that lies for a living. Creating fake documents, fake cheques, lie to old women, photoshop paperwork and texts. This is what happens. All he does is lie. He sent me DM just now claiming he doesn't have my pics. Like wtf. Why you gotta lie my entire relationship was based on lies left, right and center and u got angry coz I said I'm single on a tv interview. Wtf was I to say and y'all saying stop bringing matters on IG. Na.


When I was dating him I brought it to IG. Now that he chose to do this I brought it back to where it started IG. So cut it!

Let me be honest. When I met this man from day 1 all he wanted to do was get me pregnant. I remember after we screened all he did was to get me pregnant no love making. He would always say "wanna use Kanye style on you. Get u pregnant quick so we build relationship later" I never understood at first I was so excited coz I love kids so much. But sometimes when things don't happen, it's because God is always preventing us from The Worst! Thank God I never got pregnant this was last year Sept-Oct. When I went back home, something told me to get an implant get to know this guy before making a big step. Did that hours before going to the airport for my next visit in December. 

Now What I experienced from end December to January all l thanked God for was safety & being alive. I have never been so close to God like I was during this time. 

Fast forward...I got back home & deleted pics from my IG. I remember him asking why I did so. I acted just want low key relationship. But deep down I wasn't ok with what had happened. So I carried on like it's cool. With time he suspected I might be pregnant & instead of denying I carried on just to see what his intentions were & the kind of person he would be if I was actually pregnant. Nothing changed. We had a fight in April. Broke up and I moved on with life. On this break up, he insisted I abort the baby, I said ok. Knowing so well, I wasn't pregnant. But with agreeing. He still wouldn't let me be. Claimed I want to abort because I'm not patient with him etc 

ION; he gave me his LV bag coz he said he bought it 5 years ago, but he doesn't travel I should keep it. Then after break up came back saying I return the bag he gave me as a gift if not I sell it & use money to abort. He also refused to return my clothes till date. My clothes are in Dubai & my only worry is what does he need them for since he says they're cheap? And not clothes he bought because he never bought me any clothes. So don't think he's refused coz he bought them. No.
Advertisement When The entire world dreams of setting foot at Burj khalifa, he lives there. It's not easy. If u think it is; Try pay 35,000 dollars yearly anywhere lets see how u cop. But again what got me pissed is as much as u live in BK. Don't look down on people. Abusing me & Calling my house a box house and all that wasn't necessary at all. That if he sell his designer clothes he will buy my box house I may not own a proper huge mansion but at the end of the day it's still mine. My sweat. No one has the right to put others down just coz they feel better than them. At all on top of it get violent. Alcohol problem, etc. too much!

With her killer curves, bleached body, pumped up breasts and hips, you could think all was well with this Kenyan Socialite Vera Sidika, but you are dead wrong. She was thumped badly by her Naija lover right on the street in Dubai when she was suspected of cheating.

Showing off her killer curves is what she does best





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Vera Sidika in a bitter split with Nigerian lover



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