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Ugandans resort to portable umbrellas to protect their cars

22 MAY 2018 12:30 PM @ugandaonline


A Toyota Wish with a portable umbrella

When the going gets tough, the tough get going. Cars older than 8 years will soon not be allowed into the country, implying that if you were to import a car now, its year of manufacture should not be beyond 2010.


A 2010 model by all standards does not come cheap and the closer you are to the current year, the more costly. A 2018 model would for example cost you an arm and a leg.

What this means is that this mentality of ''Okuvugga Akanumber'' could be under check for many as it is now easier to cling onto your old ride as new one's or in this case reconditioned one's that are allowed into the country are in the not so cheap bracket.


A Toyota WISH are some of the rides that have been bought by many lately and most of them are in the UBA, BB....series implying that, they are fairly in good condition and to ensure that one maintains the ride in that good condition, this one had to acquire a portable automatic umbrella, some come with a wireless remote control.

The car umbrella tent is water resistant and can also protect your car from falling objects and also under trees with birds that can mean to be a nuisance and most importantly, protecting the dashboard.

Below is a pic of what a car that has the automatic umbrella will look like overtime compared to one that does not, the cost is about US$300.


Car canopy effect

Bryan White convoy knocks one dead

Bryan White's convoy and inset is the sand dealer who was knocked dead in Kabalagala

Inset is the sand dealer who was knocked dead, he will be buried in Rwanda

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