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Sheila Gashumba reacts to dad's arrest

2 NOV 2017 4:40 PM

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Frank Gashumba after being arrested and inset is Sheila slaying

Using Facebook live, Sheila Gashumba, spoke about the issues surrounding her dad's arrest.

In a 16 minute vid clip, the lil stunner as she refers to herself was just looking on as she played with her hair, then two minutes later, the NTV Style Project presenter said that she was waiting for more people to come online.

There is so much that is happening and for me I strongly believe that the truth sets people free.

I'm here as Sheila Gashumba, I've never come onto my dad's Facebook page and if you've noticed, I never post about him unless when it's his birthday.

I'm into entertainment and my dad is into politics, empowering people to be better and he wants Uganda to be a better place than it is.

I'm very frustrated with NBS post saying that my dad was caught with cocaine and marijuana or weed, in our family history, no one uses any of those.

I was in my bedroom when a van drove in (and I will be posting the videos that I captured using my Snapchat account when everything was happening), they came in a van, not in uniform and armed with my dad handcuffed.

They stood outside for 20 minutes and later said they need to check the house, we allowed them. My room was turned upside down.

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I have seen  a blog post with two of my dad's passports, It's not an offense to change names. When I was young, I was called Carol Nyinabashumba, but when I started working on TV, we found out that the Nyinabashumba was long, so I did an affidavit and changed to Sheila Carol Gashumba, and so is my dad, Franco Malingumu which was his name when he crossed from Rwanda to Uganda.

So when I see NBS putting a post about how my dad was found with cocaine and drugs...When I see a TV station posting something different from what the military spokesperson has said, I start to wonder.

Let us try not to say so much lies, today it's him, and tomorrow it could be you. It's only God to judge us. You cannot come because you had a conflict with Frank Gashumba before, you take his picture and dash to your Facebook post to say that Frank Gashumba was arrested with drugs.

I've been in the TV industry since I was 8, if you want to build a story, take your time.

I was so touched because my dad always comes here to defend me, he has nothing to do with drugs, he does not do or use drugs and the story of him being arrested will be for another day, but for drugs, I will always be here everyday to defend him, I'm his daughter.

Stop spreading rumors because you own a TV station. The funny thing about Uganda is that just because they've caught Frank Gashumba, you've all forgotten about every other thing an concentrating on only him.

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