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Desire Luzinda sounds like Celine Dion in this song

21 DEC 2017 4:45 PM


Desire Luzinda's True Love song is arguably her best

After listening to this duet by Desire Luzinda and Rockamilley, fans have advised the Ekitone singer to just give up on local music and concetrate on English songs a try.

On December 16, 2017 Desire Luzinda was one of the artists that performed at the Don Williams Tribute Concert that was held at the 400 Bar and Restaurant in Bukoto, but the highlight of the moment was when Desire and Rockamilley performed their duet dubbed True Love.

It is a fairly old song, it was released last year, but for some reason, Desire has been so tight lipped about the song, how could do you keep such a nice piece under wraps, One asked.


Desire Luzinda's duet with Rockamilley dubbed True Love


Rockamilley does his bit, then comes in Desire with this line; 

"It won't be the first one, It won't be the last,
To feel that money, to get you the best,
The best you can work for, the best you can have....''

These are some of the comments that followed, they are all seem to agree that Desire has work and could actually give artists like Juliana, Ang3lina and Maurice Kirya among others who are so comfortable with singing in English.

  • OMG ......In love with the song and your voice too my gal..
  • The best I have heard this year
  • Wow- wow- Desire, what a voice, what a duet- thanks, True Diva.
  • Wow! Another of your best. This is Amazing. Desire you are truly talented. Angelic voice.
  • I knew you had Talent, you’re so not local at all, I’m so proud of you Desire.
  • Focus on this kind of music.
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