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Why Moze Radio attacked Eddy Sendi at Laftaz lounge

22 OCT 2017 1:25 PM


Moze Radio is still the talk of the town following the #SaveUGMusic meeting that was held last Thursday at Centenary Park, Laftaz Lounge, in Kampala.

Moze Radio Nakitinje Sekibogo

As music critic, Eddy Sendi, was addressing the artists, Moze Radio stood up and walked straight to the point where Sendi was and grabbed a mineral water bottle from the table as though excusing himself from the meeting, someone in the background called him, 'soldier, soldier' this was when Moze turned back and violently threw the bottle right before Sendi who was looking all scared at this time, he had a very reason to be scared as it happened to fellow show host, Kasuku of Dembe FM.

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Moze Radio hijacked the moment by booing and heckling Sendi with claims that he is part of the Uganda Performing Rights Society (UPRS) team that is giving them [artists] problems.

He then went on forcefully to grab the mic from Sendi who was at the time urging all artists to join UPRS now that it's existence is legal and the only way they can fight it is when they join UPRS in large numbers and be able to influence how business is run.

Moze Radio attacking Eddy Sendi at Laftaz lounge

That was Moze Radio's problem. Big Eye, King Michael and Grace Sekamatte intervened calling for calm, but Moze Radio was taking none of that branding all of them as too old, we the young one's should be left to handle our issues.

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He stepped on top of the table, again, telling whoever dared him to shut up..

"Shut up, you are giving this man (Bobi Wine) more problems, you've failed to change the laws. RAW (Radio and Weasel) is to talk for the young people and old people to die.."

"I want to hear someone young talking not you, when did you last release a hit song? Moze Radio ranted.

During the Talk-And-Talk radio show on Saturday, Eddy Sendi returned fore by randing Moze Radio all sorts of insults, in fact, he added that the singer should be subjected to some medical tests to ascertain if he is of sound mind.



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