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Bryan White gave Peng Peng $40,000

20 JAN 2018 2:30 AM


Bryan White, Peng Peng and Pastor Mondo during the Facebook live session

Socialite Bryan White was on Facebook live trying to find out what transpired while he was away, he invited Peng Peng to join him, but the Sweden based Facebook enthusiast was so bitter that Bryan White was dealing with people who were celebrating while he was in Luzira Prison.



Peng was so bitter that he called him all sorts of names for the act, but Bryan White was calm and listening attentively, even when he tried to talk, Peng did not allow him.

Peng reminded him of how he [Bryan White] has paid him over $40,000 (UGX 144million), but he should not add him any more money provided he is going to deal with those people.

Peng told him that he can get such monies from politicians, but Bryan White was not bothered by this, Peng logged out of the connection to go and chat elsewhere.

Bryan White bounced back to hang with those who were following his live chat session and said this; 


"I will continue giving the little I can. I was in Luzira, I did not know what was going on, but it's not fair for one to abuse me because of the people I'm dealing with."

"I'm 32 years old and I need guidance, so anyone older than me is free to advise. Please stop judging us, appreciate us and don't belittle us."

Bryan White then invited Pastor Mondo Mugisha who started off by praying for him.

"Many have money, but they've not visited their home places, have not given money to anyone, I respect you for that, many have failed to do what you've done, that's why they are hating on you," Pastor Mondo told Brian Kirumira.

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