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Mom of 5 Daniella Atim shows off hot bod

18 APR 2018 9:07 AM



Danilla showing off her hot bod and inset is Chameleone and baby Xara Amani


Did she just have a baby? One asked.

Mama Abba, Mrs JC has five children all under the age of twelve-years-old with the latest being just days old.

Amma and Alba together with daddy are in the US to check on Xara Amani who looks exactly like the Champion star, Jose Chameleone while Abba and Alfa, the big boys are home busy enjoying the convertible Chrysler Crossfire.

The boys were spotted in the 2-door sports car which is a 3,000CC plus engine and strangely, Abba had to look for the pedals before placing his leg confirming how inexperienced he was and for Alfa, the co-driver, he hadn't buckled up.

While sharing the clip of the boys cruising along the yet to be commissioned Entebbe Express Highway, these were the comments from the parents;

"Step on it my sons grown too fast," Chameleone notes while Daniella adds this; "How I miss you Abba, Alfa, you have grown up so fast in my absence."

Many came out to condemn the act, including the traffic boss cop, the star singer who was being interviewed by CNN while in the US could be questioned over the act.

The clip of the boys cruising along the express highway could be part of his latest Amateeka video because a police traffic car was involved not forgetting Grace Sekamatte, Chameleone's very close friend who was donning a Traffic police uniform.


Chameleone's children cruising a 3,000 CC sports 2-door car
A Chrysler Crossfire it is - Abba cruising Alfa along Entebbe Express Highyway 

Daniella and baby Xara and inset is Alba taking good care of little sister

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