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I can't blame Bobi Wine's music failure on his wife, Bebe Cool 

01 JUL 2017 10:00 PM


Bebe Cool at the Coke Studio in Kenya
Bebe Cool recording music at the Coke Studio as his wife Zuena Kirema strikes a pose with Jason Derulo

When Bobi Wine fans attacked Bebe Cool for not congratulating the Kyadondo East MP elect, they involved Zuena and this is what made Bebe Cool to respond on Bobi Wine's latest achievement. Bebe Cool had it rough with Bobi Wine fans

"It would be wrong of me to blame the failure of once a top artist in keeping their spot at the top on the lack of a strong woman behind them.

They say silence is golden, but they too say too much of anything is bad. Am away at #cokestudioafrica in Kenya for my second week doing international music which I believe is good for myself and my country.

I have seen a lot of people from Uganda attacking me and my wife over a local election in Uganda. To my understanding it was a musician that was voted by a section of Ugandans. But it has come with demands and insults, some of which I deserve, but not my wife.

I am writing this post as a husband defending my wife and family as a whole.

You say my wife has not been constructive to me, that her job is to ask me for money to go to the salon, buy cars, fly to the USA for delivery blah blah, and that that's why you consider me underachieved.


Bebe Cool in his hotel room in Kenya writing these notes

Now let me PUMP some sense into your heads;

  • The reason I work hard every day of the week is to see a smile on my wife and children's faces whenever I wake up every morning. If expensive cars, good clothes & shoes, great health care abroad, and so on, is what it takes, I will do exactly those things for them till my last breath.
  • It is my choice to see Zuena change her hair every week, drive an expensive car, go abroad for any reason, buy new knickers weekly, not kneel before me while serving me (because I want her knees to remain as smooth as I found them 14 years ago). The reason for all this is to ensure that she keeps me turned on.
  • Success and achievements are relative. While some of you believe that owning a residential house is an achievement, some of us believe in owning commercial properties that will ensure a steady return on investment for a lifetime.
  • I do not believe in announcing my personal possessions and milestones just to impress you. As long as the people that matter to me are aware of my worth, that is satisfactory enough for me. My wife is top on that list, bearing in mind that am the top ranking Ugandan artist presently and that can only be achieved by a man with a very strong woman behind him.
  • It would be wrong of me to blame the failure of once a top artist in keeping their spot at the top on the lack of a strong woman behind them. I am aware that staying in the music business takes wit, determination, Talent, commitment, focus, respect, lots of finances, strategy, clear mental health, but I also know that not many people POSSESS these attributes. I would never in my conscious self blame their lack of persistence in this competitive music business on their wives.

At this point, I want to 're assure you that am very comfortable with my wife's demands, those who know her well know she's not demanding at all, in fact, I force her to spend on herself most of the times. This makes me feel a complete man.

Bebe Cool at the studios in Kenya

Munviile ku mukazi wange, mama wa baana bange. She is NOT comparable to any. I love you Zuena and I dedicate this new song to you.





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Bebe Cool had it rough with Bobi Wine fans



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