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Leaving Diamond Platnumz was the best decision-Zari

15 MAY 2018 8:40 PM @ugandaonline


Zari and Diamond Platnumz during their hey days


While in Nairobi, Zari held a series of interviews and one question that would not miss was how she was coping without her baby daddy, Diamond Platnumz.

The mom of five noted that she was actually doing fine with many men hitting on her, though she was not into dating at the moment as she is busy concentrating on her business projects that include setting up a food chain in Nairobi and her reality show among others.

The Ugandan socialite applauded efforts by the Kenyan gospel artist, Ringtone, for going that extra mile just to get at her, but she was not into him as the gift he was trying to use was a Range Rover Sport which Zari had just acquired a week back.

Regarding her and Diamond Platnumz, she said that she loved him and she still does, but leaving him was the best option.

I loved Diamond, we all know I loved him and I have two beautiful kids with him, but it's one thing when a man keeps disrespecting you and I mean, men cheat, but when it comes to disrespecting, that is another level of something that I would not tolerate.

He was a great guy, we had 3 to 4 years of good loving, but my integrity and wellbeing did not allow this, because I was like why should I settle for less.

When I get all these insults on social media, it's not only Zari being affected, even the kids are, so I did this for the children and in the future, they will know that it is not right to disrespect women and you expect them to put up with it.

It was the best decision to end the relationship.


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