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The boy is mine, Tanasha Donna, tells off haters

December 15, 2018, 10:47 AM @ugandaonline

Tanasha Donna took to her wall to tell off TZ slay queens

Tanasha Donna took to her wall to tell off TZ slay queens on her case that no amount of words would stop Diamond Platnumz from wifing her

"He still wants and loves me, and he is going to wife me"

Diamond Platnumz's current lover, Tanasha Donna, has for the last three weeks been dealing with a new family of haters mostly from Tanzania, they are not happy with the fact that the singer decided to dump them for a lover from neighboring Kenya whom he will be marrying off pretty soon days after hooking up.

"He still wants and loves me, and he is going to wife me," Tanasha Donna, told off haters in a clip.

Clad in a two ocean blue swimsuit, the NRG radio personality ranted;

“You all can smoke as much as you want about my body, oh she is ugly, oh her are sagging, she doesn't have nice legs, she doesn't have a nice waist, oh she has a small aZz, but let me tell you one thing, he still loves me though and still wants me hahaha..."


TZ slay queens equally gave Zari a hard time for dating their Prince Charming, but the mom of five was able to deal with them and just recently they were on her case again asking her to vacate the singer's house which he bought her as a birthday present in 2016, but the Uganda Tourism Ambassador shot back saying she will not move an inch and if anything, that house is an investment for her children with Diamond Platnumz.

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Still on the house issue, Zari told them a house was the least of her problems because if anything, she has four houses in South Africa. 

The new East African in-laws from Kenya however, don’t trust the Bongo Flava star so they are asking the new lover to equally get a house in Kenya as a love portion just like it was the case for Zari and Hamisa Mobetto because they are convinced Diamond Platnumz only loves his mom, the rest are background noise.

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Kim Nana was there, but for seconds and before we knew it, Tanasha Donna was the in thing and now tipped to be the official Wasafi First Lady with their wedding going down on Valentine’s day.

Inset is Tanasha Donna and Diamond Platnumz in Mwanza

Inset is Tanasha Donna and Diamond Platnumz in Mwanza where he was performing yesterday at a Wasafi Festival

It's only gonna get stronger

Tanasha Donna says the love between her and Diamond is only going to get stronger so if you thought your words were going to break her, think again. Getting a man to commit this fast is called love. Diamond Platnumz and Tanasha Donna have been dating for hardly three weeks and plans for their wedding are in high gear, and his mom has already blessed them.

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