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Desire Luzinda shares her plight to warn other girls

Desire Luzinda uses her plight to warn the younger generation

Desire Luzinda has used the problems that have befallen her in the past as a message of hope to the younger generation

14 Oct 2018 9:40 PM @ugandaonline

Desire Luzinda who recently announced that she was now a born again has come out to share her rather sad story while growing up as her way of celebrating the Girl Child day.

The Girl Child day was celebrated on October 11, the 'Kiwujjo' singer decided to use her plight in the past to sensitize girls and slay queens about quick fixes.

Usinger her wall, this was Desire's take;

"Girls go through a plethora of trials every day. Girls in the music business are sexually harassed. Girls in offices are forced to sleep with men if they're to get a promotion or pay rise."

Desire Luzinda goes on to state that much as she literally has whatever she desires, she is quick to add that it has not been all rosy;


"Today, I can afford all the fun I desire. I have an iPhone to take my pics. I can fly out on a whim. I can afford to buy from the best designer shops. But I would be a liar to say, it has been easy to get to this point. I have gone through it all, I wouldn't wish for another girl to go through the same."

Desire Luzinda goes back in time revealing how she conceived her daughter.

"In 2003, I got pregnant while I was still in school. I was a candidate. It wasn't the best time to carry a baby, but I resolved to let the bun grow in my womb."

"As my tummy grew, some classmates ridiculed me. They called me names. Others treated me like an outcast.
At four months, I was forced to leave school and study from home. School environment had become toxic."

Girls and Goals Campaign

Desire Luzinda has now started a campaign dubbed Girls and Goals campaign in which she uses her story to help the younger generation make the right choices when chasing their dreams.

The mom of one is convinced that the same campaign will be ideal to in fighting stigma and depression that is caused by the pressures of girls wanting to look rich instead of working hard to attain wealth.

Desire Luzinda wants the Shaku Shaku dance stopped

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