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Spice Diana's shocking high school grades

13 FEB 2018 10:35 PM


Spice Diana waving her square academic cap a few weeks back

Spice Diana waving her square academic cap after graduating at Makerere University recently

"It has been amazing sharing my story, the other side of me with you, Everyone has a story to tell, but thank you Lord for this day," Spice Diana wrote thanking her fans.

This followed her appearance on NTV Mwasuze Mutya program on Friday with Faridah Nakazibwe who was interviewing the singer about her music and concert she was to hold later on that day.

However, the highlight of the show was when she told the host that she got 32 points at A level and she was among the best students in her year.

This shocked many and that clip has since been trending on social media.

According to the Uganda National Examinations Board (UNEB) grading system for Advanced level, Distiction 1 (D1) is the highest grade possible and Failure 9 (F9) is the lowest, and F9 accrues to marks below 34%.

Spice Diana said that she got 32 and she was one of the best students in her year.

Spice Diana and the late Moze Radio in the Chuma video shot a few weeks back

Spice Diana shows off her real marks, but the fans are demanding for an aunthentic UNEB pass slip

However, going by the grading system, 32 would mean that she failed flat and probably the last student whose ratings were not only low, but crossed to negatives. And her combination of the subjects she did at A-level is so unique. History, Art and Luganda (HAL).

Meanwhile, her graduation was held two weeks back and her fans are now wondering if their star graduated or she is masquerading under someone else's papers.

The Anti Kale, Nekyo Kimala Nekigwa kale singer has come out to say that those marks were for Ordinary level (O-level).
"I was a bit stressed because I was having a concert that day, otherwise, I got 14 points at A-level. I don't recall what my scores are in the University degree that I completed recently, how about A level that I did at Kampala Citizen College school back then," Spice Diana said while defending her 32 point A-level drama.

Short of that, Spice Diana had fans coming through to her very first concert that was held over the weekend.

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