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Platnumz fumes as Zari is touched inappropriately while in the Jacuzzi

12 JUN 2017 7:30 PM



Zari and Diamond Platnumz relationship no more
This was Diamond Platnumz facial expression when he saw a picture of Zari in a hot tub with a guy who seemed to be touching her inappropriately

We told you, the power couple still has issues and they are far from solving them if at all they do. Remember Zari is managing the 30 schools left behind by ex-hubby, so she won't have much time for what she is terming as #BS.

Over the weekend, Zari went to a spa that she and ex-hubby Ivan Semwanga loved hanging out and while there, she bumped into some guy and together they hit the hot tub. The picture of Zari and this guy in the hot tub soon got to Platnumz. In the picture, the guy's arm seemed to be heading downwards according to the way the singer circled the photo which he captioned as;

"The reason why sometimes I prefer being a player than a committed loyal man..That's why sometimes I think it's best I eat and run because they are never worth the sacrifice and appreciation, they can't be trusted."

Inset is Zari the Jacuzzi with Ivan and King Lawrence

Zari rapped in Swahili telling off whoever leaked the pic to Platnumz to get a life, she went on to explain; 

"He is my kids' uncle, the late's cousin And I happened to meet them [him and wife] at a spa," Zari explained.

Before the pic leaked to Platnumz, Zari had other pics in the hot tub showing off her hot body and back tattoos.

Zari added another pic that had the kids uncle and wife to literally explain to his young lover, Platnumz,  that it's not true that the guy was up to some mischief like it's widely believed.

The timing of the Platnumz-Zari problems just go on to confirm, the Tanzanian singer is not ready to be a father of five at 27, and, he looking for a way of opting out.

Lovers exchanging bitterly on Instagram

These posts were removed shortly after. Zari was the first to remove her post and about 40 minutes later, Platnumz followed suit.

When Platnumz had just fallen in love with Zari, he told whoever cared to know that he was not bothered by Zari's past, could this be the begining of Zari's past biting?

Looks like Platnumz is now bothered by Zari's past

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