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Fights and new music dominate the first week of the year

12 JAN 2018 7:12 PM

Bebe Cool, A Pass an Geosteady are in the process of releasing new music

The first week of the year is behind us and artists are making everything possible to release new music, and for every song that is released, it comes with either a post attacking or a post retaliating to an attack.

Bebe Cool started it all and by the time he was done, the fans were already dealing with a new track dubbed 'Your Love' that he did with Honorebel, Charly Black and Pitbull.


Chameleone oiuts 2018 songs

The Champion star, Chameleone, has released Mateeka and Kilabe

Chameleone responded to Bebe Cool's post with over 100 of his songs plus his latest one, 'Mateeka' that is coming right after 'Kilabe'.

You must have been following Geo Steady and A Pass. Kenzo and A pass had issues with Geosteady appearing on Bebe Cool's list and they did not, but as Kenzo has been concentrating on Bebe Cool, A Pass is busy sorting out Geosteady.

Everytime Geosteady replies, he wraps up the post with 'Wakikyenga' his latest and so is A Pass who is equally promoting his latest song Omunakyalo off his 24 track album that he is yet to launch.

Weasel and Moze Radio have also thrown a few jabs to Bebe Cool, but while at that, they promote their latest songs. Moze Radio has Kintu while Weasel has released Kankuwane.

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Eddy Kenzo, Weasel and Moze Radio

Inset is Eddy Kenzo who is having serious issues with Bebe Cool, he has also released a clip dissing the 'Your Love' singer over his 2017 top list.


Eddy Kenzo has some songs that were produced by the late Danz Ku Mapeesa, he is yet to release them, but before doing that, he has to first deal with Bebe Cool. He released a clip telling whoever cares to know that the only thing Bebe Cool is better than him is 

Fans have, however, advised him to leave Bebe Cool and just concentrate on his music or better still, come up with a list of his own.

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