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Bryan White tells off Mama Phina

11 FEB 2018 10:50 PM


Bryan White tells Mama Phiina to mond her own business

Battle for Supremacy - Bryan White Versus Mama Phiina

You all know Gravity Omutujju’s queen dancer, Nandutu Sylvia, aka Luswata who passed on recently, her two children had not yet gone back to school, and were not feeding well, the landlord was also threatening to throw them out of the house, so the person who is currently taking care of them invited the team from Bukedde TV to come and cover their story.

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Locals were appealing to all well-wishers and loaded one’s like Bryan White and Mama Phina to come to the rescue of the late Nandutu’s children, Mama Phina responded with cash money of over 2million shillings and also paid rent for them for one year.
As expected, many were thanking her and this is what she had this to say; 

"It’s not good to throw money to people, help those who are in need. I have been here seen 'tycoons' like Mike Ezra, Bad Black and the likes come and go, but I'm still here, I advise Bryan White to come to me and I advise him on how it’s done before he disappears like the rest."

Bryan White, who had come to rally his support behind singer Spice Diana who was at the time rehearsing for her show that was to take place at Front Page Hotel in Namasuba had to retaliate.

"I can only take advice from the President and no one else, If you want to help, do it on your own accord, don’t involve me. Some of those are very old and whatever I do, It’s because I enjoy it and I’m here to help."

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