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Guvnor PRO Pherrie Kim and lover split

10 MAR 2018 5:45 PM


Abdul Lubwama and Pherrie Kim are no more, inset is the Guvnor PRO showing off her 'SKY' tattoo

Abdul Lubwama and Pherrie Kim are no more, inset is the Guvnor PRO showing off her 'SKY' tattoo

Guvnor Public Relations Officer, Pherrie Kim, and her US based lover, Abdul Lubwama are no more. They called it quits months back. We all recall when she resigned her PRO job at Guvnor to go and join her man.



Pherrie is now back in the country to do what she does best at the Industrial area based night spot and when not at it, she is focused on her HP Beauty Spot and fashion store projects.

Before dating Pherrie Kim, Abdul was with his baby mama he had dated since high school days, but when Pherrie Kim came into his life, he did not look back.

The trouble now is that Abdul is dating Kim’s close friend and she is expecting reducing Kim to making posts like these; 
“We must go through the storm to appreciate the sunshine, we never lose friends, we only learn who the true one’s are.”

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"Quick shout out to my exes...I just wanna thank you all for paving a way for me to find my magnet, my Scorpio, my husband, my LA...if you hadn't let go...I'd never have found such happiness!!"

Those were Pherrie Kim's words after finding her magnet which has now let go and found another magnet. They hooked up in February 2013, held their intro in 2014 and on 2 January 2015, the couple held their wedding in New York.


She was hoping that they will be together this World Cup, BUT ...

Inset is Kim in a black top with her favorite line back then of #PherrieKimLubs.

This was Kim's post shortly after the previous World Cup had ended, she was hoping that they would be together, but three years is such a long time in love, even the socialite, Richard Prean, that commented on this post back then is long gone..

The couple during their lovey dovey days

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