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09 Aug 2017 11:16 AM

The love between Apass and Bebe Cool is lost

Bebe Cool pecks Apass at Club Amnesia

It's not a common thing for Bebe Cool to go on pecking male artists, but for Apass he did it with ease signaling how close they were, but that 'lomance' could have just ended after Apass responded on a Bebe Cool's tabloid post.

This is how it all started. An article appeared in the daily tabloid indicating that Bebe Cool was stranded in the US after running short of cash. This has also affected his collaboration projects with Jason Derulo as the amount required to execute that project is out of reach. Bebe Cool reacted.


"This is not the first time negative articles are written about me, but this time I choose to react, correct, inspire and start a movement against negative, selfish, irresponsible and unprofessional journalism in Uganda and Africa as a whole."

"In Uganda if a journalist wanted to date a lady and she turned them down, there will be fire for the next one year with all sorts of negative stories about her. My name has been tarnished by some media houses and individual journalists who I can promise have no single idea about me and my goals and lack the confidence to call me, ask for interviews, express their desire to understand the complicated and so called controversial Bebe Cool."

Bebe Cool's long as an arm Facebook post attracted a response from A Pass; "Is the respect not earned yet?" That question was wrapped up with a hashtag #ItsAshame.

And then Bebe Cool replied branding Apass all sorts of things

Trust Bebe Cool, he immediately shot back; "Depends on the size of your brain as Apass. Don't forget seeking too much attention might expose your weakness. Learn from the best and pray to be better, " The Mbozi Za Malwa star concluded.

Apass while appearing for the interview on Urban TV

Apass apologizes and also demands that Bebe Cool returns the love.

"Bebe Cool I love and respect you as a brother and as a mentor, But i think you misunderstood me so let me explain. To your comment in regards to your post, I was only there to support I took time to read your post and I offered my support as a fellow artist, I didn’t diss you. My sincere apologies. Now it’s your turn to apologize."




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